7 Best (and most radical) celebrity hair transformations of the week


By Wei Yeen Loh

7 Best (and most radical) celebrity hair transformations of the week

Are your fingers itching to make that snip call to your hairstylist to book a long-overdue hair makeover? If these chic bangs and latest hair and colour trends aren’t making the cut for you, let these celebrity hair transformations be your inspiration in scoring a fresh look, stat.

From vocal powerhouse and queen of couture Céline Dion‘s subtle lob that can be easily transformed into a chic top-knot, to singer Billie Eilish’s shocking green tresses that are giving us life, these are all the celeb hair looks that stole the show just last week:

Céline Dion

Want to do without a few inches but still like the idea of long hair? Take Dion’s cue of channeling a contemporary, shoulder-grazing lob. Tip: Straighten it for a modern look, or tie it up into a sleek bun if you’re feeling Parisian-chic.

Alison Brie

Actress Alison Brie reverted to her roots with brunette locks and new bangs three months after going blonde for a role. Still not convinced to try bangs out? Maybe this will help.


Camila Cabello

The singer is rarely seen without her dark brown locks but this new platinum-blonde ‘do is worthy of double takes for both the cut and colour. Cabello channeled her alter ego in her new music video Find You Again, but switched back to her OG look (albeit a shorter length this time) right after.

Billie Eilish

Got roots you want to cover up? Try Billie Eilish’s neon green roots that are making headlines for 1) the shock factor, and 2) the monochromatic glory of her entire look.

Maisie Williams

But if green is too radical of a step to make, take a leaf out of Maisie William’s book: pastel pink ends (and leave your roots black). We love how cute she looks here with her brother (sporting flaming locks, no less).


Not even a month after debuting a pixie cut at the ACE Awards, Ciara took the extreme route with her butt-grazing length at her beach vacay in Fiji.

Michelle Obama

We’d never thought we’d see the former First Lady of the US with rocker-chic curls as such, but Michelle Obama’s snazzy ombré perm is #hairgoals in our books.

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