Get to know the two Singapore beauty brands championing ‘slow’ beauty

Minimalistic and mindful


By Sarah Hani Jamil

Get to know the two Singapore beauty brands championing ‘slow’ beauty

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, so much so that there’s an excessive amount of skincare and makeup brands popping up in recent years, making it much harder to pick and choose the right products for ourselves. However, coming out of the pandemic with a heightened awareness for hygiene and the environment, the beauty market, specifically in the Asia Pacific, has seen significant demand for natural and organic formulations in skincare.

The rising attention towards a healthier and green lifestyle has birthed the ‘slow’ beauty movement. Just like slow fashion, it is a more mindful and minimalist approach to creating, as well as purchasing beauty products. Not only are ingredients better sourced, but the companies practise an eco-conscious approach all around, from its fair-trade production processes right down to the packaging. Instead of impulse purchases, this movement calls on us to buy fewer, yet long-lasting products that work efficiently for our skin, signalling us to step away from the 10-step (or more) beauty routine and really just use the essentials we need to let our skin breathe.

Ahead, we highlight two beauty brands from Singapore that embody slow beauty, featured in the Made With Passion (MWP) initiative, which celebrates local lifestyle brands that bring to life the Singapore spirit of making passion possible and their endless commitment to quality. Made With Passion features a collection of brands across Singapore’s diverse lifestyle sector—from beauty, wellness, fashion and accessories to homeware and décor, and packaged food and beverages.



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This label takes on a straightforward, minimalistic approach to skincare with only seven essential products (excluding a supplement) in its skincare line, centring around two key ingredients—the Japanese White Turmeric cultivated exclusively in Kyushu, Japan; and the Spring Turmeric, which has a decorated history of use in Japanese traditional medicine. These two ingredients are patented to the label, giving it exclusive rights to their use, and together, they deliver remarkable benefits for the skin, including offering natural hyaluronic acid protection, stimulating cell production and promoting firmer, more supple skin.


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“Beauty is not just about looking after your skin, but also how you regard yourself. It means acknowledging the artifice of unrealistic beauty standards and relating to ourselves in a healthier way,” says Toh Ziling, co-founder and COO of RE:ERTH.

Other green and sustainability efforts initiated by the brand include its partnership with Singaporean waste management firm Environmental Solutions Asia (ESA) to recycle used plastic cosmetic packaging into oil, helping its consumers overcome hurdles to traditional recycling in the process. If you’ve got a pile-up of cosmetic packaging too, you can also bring them into any RE:ERTH store for recycling and receive reward points to offset new purchases.

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Kew Organics


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The backstory of this successful Singapore beauty brand starts with its founder, Lily Kew. Growing up with acne-prone skin, she had been prescribed many harsh products and overpromising treatments as a solution to no avail. In fact, they threw off her skin’s pH balance even more, leading to added sensitivity, dryness and blemishes. This only motivated her to study beauty in Singapore and Vancouver, where she found what really worked for her was organic skincare products, specifically, water-based organic skincare that performs better in equatorial climates. Kew then identified a gap in her country’s beauty industry where the usage of organic products with high-tech machines in facial treatments were lacking, which led her to the launch of Kew Organics in 2014.


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Organic, eco-friendly with certain products certified vegan, the label offers a comprehensive range of efficacy-driven products, handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Its formulas use fair trade-certified organic ingredients that are natural, plant-derived and free from artificial fragrances, petroleum by-products and parabens. Each product is uniquely encased in Miron violet glass with airtight pumps that protect the formulas from the harmful effects of light, increase their shelf life and revitalise their potency.

Currently, there are more than 40 products from Kew Organics to help deliver clear, clean and ultimately healthy skin. One of the label’s notable highlights is the launch of Sugar K in 2017, Singapore’s first organic peel bar inspired by New York City’s trending speedy face peels that cater to the hectic lifestyle. To date, Kew has expanded Kew Organics by offering unique skincare experiences such as bespoke facial treatments with fast results and minimum downtime, as well as bespoke organic eye, neck and back treatments to target different skin issues.

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