What went down at the #BuroxLauraMercier makeup showdown



By Gwen Ong

What went down at the #BuroxLauraMercier makeup showdown


The “stage” was set and our camera was at the ready as Friends of Buro—Alexis Sue Ann, Talitha Tan, Trisha Kuck and Yvonne Lee come together for the #BuroxLauraMercier makeup showdown on Facebook Live yesterday. In case you missed it, the challenge was held at the newly refurbished Laura Mercier store at Pavilion KL. Editor-in-Chief, Cai Mei was on hand to take viewers on a mini tour of the store before the challenge started.

With adrenaline running on high, Trisha and Yvonne were led to the first station where their makeup skills were put to the test in the ‘5-minute makeup challenge’. A tough one considering they had to create a party look using as many items as they can from Laura Mercier’s makeup collection. This included foundation, concealer, bronzer, blusher, highlighter, eyebrow kit, eyeshadow, eyeliner and liquid lipstick.

As the clock ticked away, both Trisha and Yvonne piled on each item with skillful tricks. They certainly had their game face on for the challenge and the pressure seemed to bring out the best (or was it worst?) in them. Viewers cheered them on and voted for their favourite on Facebook Live. The mechanics was simple – the person with the most votes win. 

Next up, we pit Alexis and Talitha against each other in the ‘no mirror makeup challenge’. Yes, that’s right – no mirror! They had to complete a camera-ready look with a list of five Laura Mercier items that must be used for this challenge, ranging from foundation to concealer, highlighter, eyeshadow and liquid lipstick.

The camaraderie was hilarious as the girls showed off their competitive side. Alexis demonstrated deft hands and amazing skills despite the lack of a mirror, while Talitha gamely took on a bold liquid lipstick and glitter eyeshadow without a care in the world. With 10 minutes on the clock, the girls had fun bantering and throwing shade at each other. Viewers too had the chance to vote on who did it better. 

In the end, Trisha and Talitha got the most votes from our Facebook Live audience. They each walked away with cash vouchers from Laura Mercier, while Alexis and Yvonne too received a token of appreciation from the brand. 

If you want to see the girls in action, you can catch the full highlights below. 


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