What an Omorovicza facial experience is like


By Gwen Ong

What an Omorovicza facial experience is like


On a bright sunny day in Budapest, I made my way to the Omorovicza Boutique & Spa along Andrássy Avenue for an afternoon of pampering. I had already experienced what the thermal bath of Budapest can do for the body and skin, so I was intrigued to see how this translates in the facial treatment. I was led to the lounge for a quick refresh as I filled out a simple questionnaire on my personal details and skin condition. Following a 17-hour flight to the city that is also known as the Pearl of the Danube, my skin was feeling dehydrated and slightly flared up. A facial couldn’t have come at a better time.

As I unwind on the soft heated spa bed, my therapist began by examining my face. To be honest, this is the part that I dread – next to extraction – of any facial for it will most certainly be a moment of truth as I confront myself on how poorly I’ve been caring for my skin. Plus, it doesn’t help now that I’m in my 30s, I’m always prone to hormonal breakouts.

Anyways, I learned this manual facial assessment was a crucial step for my therapist. It gives her a valuable insight so that she is able to customise a facial experience that best suits my skin instead of just picking a treatment from the menu itself. My therapist prescribed a combination of the Gold Hydralifting Facial and the Blue Diamond Brightening Facial. The former is to brighten and heal stressed skin, while the latter helps to revitalise and restore vitality to the complexion.




Unfortunately, I wasn’t booked in for a full facial session during my trip as time really was of essence. But the therapist did tailor the experience so that I could receive the best of there is in the short time that my schedule allowed. My facial started with double cleansing using Omorovicza’s award-winning Moor Cream Cleanser. Thanks to the mineral rich Hungarian Moor Mud—the ingredient works to deeply cleanse the pores so whatever gunk I accumulated from my flight was definitely drawn out.

With my clean face, it was time to do a quick treatment with the Gold Hydralifting Mask. This no-rinse formula helps to perk up dull, tired skin and deliver hyaluronic acid to plump up and strengthen the skin. This was followed by a traditional Hungarian facial massage featuring the Blue Diamond Concentrate that has reparative properties.

What I was most excited about is this facial massage—the technique calls for a lot of kneading and pummelling, which got me feeling like a dough. But I believe all this movement helps with blood flow, stimulates lymphatic draining and reduces puffiness. I was in bliss as the therapist massages my neck, shoulders, arms and hands too. I was left putty in her hands. After a slathering of the Blue Diamond Super Cream and a final spritz with the Queen of Hungary face mist, I was ready to face the world with a renewed complexion. I walked out of the Omorovicza Boutique & Spa that day feeling like a million ringgit.


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