Watch: Fyza Kadir take on Rouge G de Guerlain, one lipstick colour at a time

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Watch: Fyza Kadir take on Rouge G de Guerlain, one lipstick colour at a time

“For someone who loves traveling, you can never have too many lipsticks in your beauty kit,” says fashion darling and social media influencer Fyza Kadir, who is expertly touching up her lips with the new Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick as we speak. For someone who has an arsenal of beauty essentials at her disposal any other day, Fyza is very much enamoured with Guerlain’s latest range — mainly because it vouches for her abovementioned statement. 

The new Rouge G de Guerlain chalks up a pretty impressive range that is every bit collectible-worthy. The luxury lip bullet now comes in 15 customisable cases, from a kawaii batik print to chic metallic shells in rose gold and gold that could double up as a statement-making beauty accessory; not to mention, an assortment of 26 shades can take any look from day to night. The best part? One deft slide from the case reveals two mirrors beneath — one less worry about squeezing a compact mirror into your fun-sized minaudière on nights out.

Designed by renowned jeweller Lorenz Bäumer with the artistic direction of Guerlain’s creative director Olivier Echaudemaison, the Rouge G de Guerlain was first launched back in 2009. The lipstick was designed to resemble a precious jewel, and remains one of the most luxurious ever created under the house. Incidentally, Maison Guerlain celebrates its grand 190th anniversary this year, with approximately 1,100 fragrance creations and ongoing innovations in cosmetics under its belt.

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Watch Fyza experiment with her favourite shades and cases from Rouge G de Guerlain:

How would you wear the Rouge G de Guerlain?

For a casual day out, a nude shade is what I tend to go for, and this Very Batik case is the perfect case to match my look. When I’m feeling feminine, my go-to lipstick colour is usually pink, and nothing screams girly more than this Miami Glam case. For days when I’m feeling bold, I always alternate between a classic red and a fun colour, like a deep purple hue. Taking risks (whether in beauty or fashion), is something I can’t resist from time to time.

You are an avid traveler — where was your most recent adventure?

I recently went to Hokkaido, Japan, where I honed my skiing skills. It is amazing there this time of the year. After that, my husband and I adjourned for a quick stop at Odaiba in Tokyo to explore the Rainbow Bridge. I was fortunate enough to catch the sakura in full bloom during our trip — it made for the most beautiful pictures. (The Rouge G de Guerlain Gypsy Folk lipstick case reminds me a lot of those flowers, actually!)

How would you say the Rouge G de Guerlain complements your lifestyle?

I love that the lipstick complements my style easily. I like to think of it as a major accessory I can play around with according to my look, whether I am feeling classy, sporty, or edgy. I’m currently crushing on Wild Jungle — how luxe is that deep red crocrodile print? French Mademoiselle is really chic too, the lace motif gives it a sexy kind of vibe. The double mirrors are a fun addition to each case as well, something I’d find very useful when I’m out and about. 



Videography: Shepherd Pictures

Art Direction: Yi Suen Chong, Loh Wei Yeen

Styling: Loh Wei Yeen

Makeup: Cat Yong

Hair: Cody Chua

Styling Assistant: Lim Lee Ann

Clothes: Topshop, Miss Selfridge

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