Want Bigger-looking Eyes by Payday?

No catches – all results (in just four weeks)


By Terry Saw

Want Bigger-looking Eyes by Payday?

Throwback to 2012, Lancôme made beauty headlines with its first eye serum equipped with a rotating pearl applicator for a 360-degree eye contour illumination, that was all the rage. Of course, there’s also the 17 international awards it has won since. 

The brand new Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl though, has even bigger plans. A power-packed combination of an upgraded, light-infused formula along with an improved pearl applicator boasts results you can see within the month – so, what’s the secret behind this results-guaranteed confidence?

The Three-step Expert Application

Because of its new ergonomic design, the Light-PearlTM applicator gives you more flexibility and precision to reach even the most inaccessible eye areas. When massaged around the eye area with the applicator, the translucent, featherweight gel creates a blurring effect for an eye-opening effect – in short, goodbye eye bags and puffiness!  

Step 1: Trace small rapid circles below your eye, from the inner to the outer corners to smooth away dark circles.

Step 2: Place the pearl on wrinkle-prone areas and smooth away with back-and-forth movements over its length to reduce fine lines and signs of fatigue.

Step 3: Position the applicator vertically and apply light pressure around the eye contour and finally tap gently with your fingertips for maximum absorption. Repeat daily, a few minutes each time for an enlargement of up to 4mm(2) for each eye within a month!*

*Based on study results from Lancôme

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-PearlTM, RM245, is now available at all Lancôme outlets nationwide. 

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