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The top 10 celebrity hair moments of 2018


By Wei Yeen Loh

The top 10 celebrity hair moments of 2018

This year’s most popular hair trends have run the gamut from shocking pink hair colour to shoulder-grazing lobs, and celebrities have taken the liberty to prove to us that all it takes to make a statement is to experiment with your crowning glory.

But we gotta admit: it takes some guts (and a lot of positive egging on from friends/family) to try something completely new and radical. If you need some inspiration to rock a hairdo you never thought you’d pull off, let these red carpet regulars be your #hairspo for the new year. Be it blunt bangs or going platinum blond, we’re all for that next step.

Below, we’ve compiled our favourite hair moments of the year, including Beyoncé’s deep brown tresses and Kylie Jenner’s shocking pink wig:

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