Tips to getting clear, flawless skin, as told by a pro


By Wei Yeen Loh

Tips to getting clear, flawless skin, as told by a pro

Ever tried every beauty tip under the sun but your skin still refuses to co-operate? While some of us can get by with skincare solutions and better lifestyle/diet choices, flawless skin might be an unattainable dream for some—especially those with sensitive, acne-ridden skin. 

If you’ve resorted to foundation to cover up blemishes, freckles and everything in between, fret not. We speak to a pro on potential skin saviours and treatments you can opt for. Ahead, we gleaned some useful advice on all things skin-related from medical director and founder of Astute Clinic, Dr. Jason Yip:

What are some of the interesting facial aesthetic treatments that are trending right now?

The thing with facial aesthetics is that these “trends” aren’t dictated on a yearly basis. It is usually based on what is popular at the moment with our customers. For now, minimally-invasive treatments are all the rage, since these are subtle enough to enhance the features with minimal to zero downtime. We offer a wide range of services, from laser treatments to improve the skin texture to skin boosters that improve the skin’s cellular regeneration process. 

What’s popular right now is skin rejuvenation (we offer face fillers for those who’d like to accentuate features); Rejuran, which is a wound-healing treatment that accelerates the skin’s regenerative properties; along with other facial treatments such as microneedling—our signature treatment repairs the skin very quickly (including pigmentation and scarring) that visible results are apparent after just one session.  


Would you recommend the same treatments to those with pigmentation and acne-prone skin?

Each treatment has its benefits and is tailor-made for different skin conditions. I will always suggest a tailored skincare routine first before going for minimally-invasive procedures, no matter the skin type. Our skincare line, Astute Skin Solution, is formulated in-house based on my years of experience working with skincare. All the products are formulated with ingredients that are safe and free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates.


What is a common skincare myth that you’d like to refute?

That you don’t need to moisturise if you don’t have oily skin. Moisturising is key for everyone, whether you have sensitive, dry, or combination skin. 

What’s your take on the age factor when it comes to minimally-invasive facial treatments?

I don’t think there should be an age factor when it comes to taking care of the skin.  Our client demographic is pretty diverse in that sense—we have middle-aged men in their 70s who come in for treatments, and also clients in their late 20s who come in for laser treatments, fillers and Botox. But we also encourage taking care of the skin first before opting for other procedures—it’s subjective to the individual needs of the client and also if they are open to our suggestions.


What are some of Astute’s signature treatments that clients opt for?

Our Cryo Facial is great for those with varied skin conditions, including red, oily, spotty skin, pigmentation and wrinkles. This medical facial incorporates cold therapy that is proven to be highly effective to give skin a brighter, more radiant look. What it does is that it uses cold electroporesis or iontophoresis technique to deliver serums and vitamins into the skin, hence accelerating skin regeneration and reducing redness. The cryotherapy temperature is set at -10˚C, and this actually constricts blood vessels, which minimises diffusion and 


Anyone with less-than-perfect skin knows the struggles with improving it. Red, oily, spotty, pigmented or wrinkly (or all five), coupled with a stressful lifestyle and a year-long tropical sun, our skin is constantly under attack. As a result, it can look dull and tired. Is the current status-symbol dermis which is bright and uber-hydrated out of our reach then? The answer is No. ASTUTE Clinic is introducing a new medical facial to help us attain that beautiful and brighter look. Called the ASTUTE Cryo Facial, it uses cold, instead of heat, therapy. The highly effective therapy uses the cold electroporesis or iontophoresis technique to deliver brightening serums and vitamins into the skin to aid in rapid skin regeneration and to decrease redness. The -10˚C cold from the cryotherapy causes rapid blood vessel constriction which minimises diffusion and loss of active ingredients via the blood vessels. “This medical facial is especially effective for those with sensitive skin. The “hot” or warm facials generally offered in the market are unsuitable for most red/sensitive skin and can even worsen the condition. During the Cryo Facial, the “cold” immediately soothes and calms most sensitive skin and at the same time rejuvenates all tired skin. In ASTUTE, proprietary brightening serums are delivered via electrophoresis which makes it more efficacious. The results can be seen almost instantaneously. We have some extremely happy patients who left the clinic with a brighter and more luminous skin,” said Dr. Jason Yip, Medical Director and Founder of ASTUTE Clinic.

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