This ingenious TikTok makeup hack will help you find your perfect lip shade

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

This ingenious TikTok makeup hack will help you find your perfect lip shade

If you’ve ever struggled to find your perfect lip colour, you’re not alone. In the west, the rule of thumb for finding your ideal nude shade is to, well, look at the colour of your nipples (no, seriously). Needless to say, for most of our Malaysian skin tones, that logic doesn’t quite track. As for finding the perfect pink, red, or peach lip, trying to decipher the vast world of undertones can be overwhelming, to say the least. Basically, when it comes to finding the perfect lip shade, the process is quite the ordeal.

At least, that’s what we thought until we encountered TikTok’s latest craze. User @yokenzieb has cracked the code for ladies of all skin tones, and it’s an absolute gamechanger. In a humourous clip, she explains her foolproof technique to scoring the perfect lip shade:


Shout out to all the gworls

♬ original sound - Kenzie B

TL;DW? Here’s the low-down: 

  1. Line your lips with your regular eyebrow pencil
  2. Fill in the middle of your lip with your go-to blush
  3. Top it off with some gloss

And there you have it: How to score the perfect lip without using lip products (unless you’d like to bring a little extra oomph into your look, of course). While it’s not the most long-wearing combo (and its results are definitely dependent on how you do your everyday makeup), if you’re working off the beauty stash you use for your “no-makeup makeup” days, it’s almost always a winner.

Just for good measure, we gave the hack a go and this is how it turned out:

@burobeautybeat Giving this trend a try using @rarebeauty’s brow pencil, @nudestix stick blush and @fentybeauty ♬ original sound - Kenzie B

Still sceptical? Watch other TikTokkers try the technique out for themselves (with incredible results!):


♬ original sound - Kenzie B

@stxph.h what do we think?? #lipcombotiktok #lipcolourchallenge ♬ original sound - Kenzie B

@lenkalul your perfect lip shadewould u try this? ib: @Kenzie B AD using @Benefit Cosmetics UK precisley my brow pencil in 3.5 #makeup #lipstick ♬ original sound - Kenzie B


i don’t think this worked for me

♬ original sound - Kenzie B

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