The New 5-Step Body-shaping Massage to Try Now

Farewell, stubborn curves


By Terry Saw

The New 5-Step Body-shaping Massage to Try Now

When I say hips, thighs, waist and arms, you say…? If these areas resonate a little too well with you as some of the most stubborn areas of your body to get into tip-top shape – you’re not alone. Which is why, it was a relief when Clarins – as if reading our minds – added the Stubborn Curves Solution Treatment to its spa menu recently. This is what you can expect from a 60-minute treatment session:

1.    A beauty dialogue with a professional therapist to establish your body concerns (through an analysis of your skin texture on different parts of your body) for a more effective, targeted treatment solution.

2.   The Body Contouring Ritual, which consists of a soothing pre-massage ritual and scent experience through deep breathing exercises that instantly relaxes the mind and body, and optimises the body’s receptiveness to the treatment.

 3.   The Targeted Body Massage begins with drainage pressure movements aimed to stimulate the body’s lymphatic circulation and aid in the elimination of fats before the Body Shaping Cream is applied.

 4.   The Modeling Massage using the ‘fists technique’ came as quite a surprise (in a good way). The pressure is quite a fair bit firmer than your standard body massages, and is key to help reduce stubborn fats and firm the skin – especially around the most stubborn areas of the arm, hips, abdomen-waits and thighs. While you can communicate with your therapist on the level of pressure you’re comfortable with, you definitely wouldn’t want to be having a meal just before stepping into this treatment, as the abdomen is one of the key targeted areas during this massage.  

 5.   Closing Ritual is a final rubdown using the rejuvenating Eau Dynamisante for a relaxing closing scent-experience.

Its clinical test results boil down to one synonymous statement: women have experienced various levels of positive results on their arms, abdomen-waist and curves over a period of two to four weeks, while their skin texture has visibly improved. While I can’t put my finger on specific results after one session, I definitely experienced instant circulation during and after the treatment, and quite certain that with consistent visits – I too, am likely to chorus some of the body-shaping benefits this treatment has been designed to deliver.

The Stubborn Curves Solutions Treatment, RM315 for 60 minutes, is now available by appointment only at all Clarins Skin Spa outlets in Suria KLCC, 1 Utama and Bangsar Shopping Centre.

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