The Full-Brow Solutions That Will Change Your Life

In just 15 minutes


By Terry Saw

The Full-Brow Solutions That Will Change Your Life

Q: Cara D- and Lily Collins-worthy brows – is there hope for us?

“For women who naturally have sparse brows, chances are, you won’t have enough follicles on your brow area to grow out to Cara or Lily’s brow volume. Fortunately, you can always fake it with a brow gel that has microfibers, which adhere to the vellus hair (short, fine, barely visible brow hairs) to make them appear much fuller!”

Try: gimme brow, RM100

Q: Help! My brow hairs are falling off – what if they do not grow back?

“Thinning brows could be a result of a change in diet or a natural ageing process. If your brow hairs do not grow back, it’s not the be all and end all! Master the art of drawing your brows by starting off with a brow map; our 3-step custom technique is developed to find the perfect brow shape for your face.”

Q: What’s new in brow trends?  

“We’re getting a lot of requests for straighter and fuller brows. Malaysian women love looking effortlessly gorgeous; so instead of having brows that looks drawn on, we recommend the brow tint. It’s like waking up with make up!

“Every brow is filled with vellus hair that, when tinted, can create fuller, thicker brows instantly. In addition to adding depth and dimension to the look, brow tinting can also add length to the end of a brow where our hair tends to be lighter and finer.”

Q: What’s the one thing most people take for granted about their brows?

“Most Malaysian women want the ‘natural look’, but natural does not mean untamed. Eyebrows bring balance to your face and frame your eyes. So shaping your brows is the easiest thing you can do to ‘open up’ your eye area and add instant lift to your look. At Benefit, we always begin shaping the brow from below. It instantly creates a more lifted look by removing the excess hairs that hinder the shape and weigh the eye-area down.”

Q: What’s your quick tip to fix uneven brows?

“Head straight to the pros and have them shaped – it only takes 15 minutes for a brow tint at a Benefit BrowBar – else, throw on oversized sunnies!”

Q: The worst thing you can do for your brows is…

“The most important thing any woman should know is how to find the right brow shape for her face. When brow shaping is done correctly, it defines your eyes and accentuates your features. Think of it as punctuation for your face!

“One of the most common ‘accidents’ women have is over-tweezing their brows. The good thing is, your brow hairs will grow back in a month or two. Pay the pros a visit to have them at least tidied up – and stay away from the tweezers if you’re not completely confident with using them!”

Q: Your 3 must-have brow products include…

“I like to use brow zings – it’s a wax and powder duo that adheres to both the hair and your skin. This is important when it comes to faking a shape that just isn’t quite there.

Try: brow zings, RM135

“For a quick fix, try Gimme Brow – it’s an effective brow volumnising gel infused with microfibers that work a treat on vellus hair. Brush through the brows with the spoolie to tame them and finish with High Brow, a soft brow highlighting pencil that is your instant brow lift! Apply the pencil under your brow following the arch and blend lightly and you’re done!”

Try: high brow, RM95

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