Tailor-made luxury: The new Kérastase Fusio-Dose

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By Terry Saw

Tailor-made luxury: The new Kérastase Fusio-Dose

Fact: Fusio-Dose is no newbie to the scene. In 2011, the exclusive in-salon program made beauty headlines as the first-ever personalised treatment launched by Kérastase, designed for targeted and lasting, hair-transforming results. Now, Kérastase has upped its ante with an improved version of Fusio-Dose, which pushes the limits of customisation in many impressive ways and here’s what you can expect:

15x the strength

In short, the ratios of the concentrates and boosters have been modified; the booster’s dosage is now multiplied by 15 – expect major results.


9 new Fusio-Dose stars

One-size-fits-all? Not allowed. Meet the new potent concentrates and boosters that collectively make up as many as 20 unique combinations for targeted hair needs.

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A sneak peek into your in-salon experience of the Fusio-Dose ritual:

Hair & Scalp Profiling

The nifty Kérastase diagnostic camera zooms into the hair up to 600 times for an ultra-precise diagnoses of your primary and secondary needs. The first determines the condition of your hair and choice of concentrate and the second addresses your expectations out of the session with a booster.


Art of blending

Here’s where it gets good – your hairstylist serves up your customised ‘beauty shot’. Think of it as a concoction of the best pure active ingredients for your hair selected from a professional mixology bar that delivers just the perfect dose through a precise injection method.


Hair-transforming results that lasts

One thing is for sure – the new generation of Fusio-Dose does not disappoint. Results are instant, visible and most importantly, targeted to your unique needs so what you’re getting is exactly the care your hair is craving right now. Bonus: the results are good for a few washes, so speak to your stylist to follow up with home-care regime that’ll keep your hair-health in check before your next visit to the salon, which – given the results you’ll experience from this – will be very soon.


Kérastase Fusio-Dose in-salon treatments start at RM250, and is now available at all Kérastase salons by appointment only.

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