Sulwhasoo TimeTreasure: The new game-changer in anti-ageing skincare

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By Terry Saw

Sulwhasoo TimeTreasure: The new game-changer in anti-ageing skincare

2015 is a year of beauty breakthroughs for Sulwhasoo, to say the very least. Just fresh from releasing the fourth-generation of its award-winning First Care Activating Serum (which has over 100 uses, mind you), it continues to raise the bar in beauty – this time with the third-generation release of its luxurious TimeTreasure anti-ageing skincare range, naming the legendary Korean Red Pine as its key ingredient.

Koreans have long identified 10 potent ingredients – which were ‘worshipped’ in the ancient times for a variety of skin and health benefits – one of the 10 being the Red Pine, of course, which is fully capable of withstanding some of the harshest blizzards and even the most agonising heat to stay verdant and lush. Despite all odds, it also flourishes beautifully in barren soil for up to a millennium, which is more than convincing as far as survival skills go.

Armed with this new ingredient knowledge, Sulwhasoo has discovered a new skin-fortifying and anti-ageing formula: the DAA, found deep in the Red Pine, which effectively repairs signs of ageing and rebuilds skin strength from within. The result: a new and complete Sulwhasoo TimeTreasure range; a premium step-by-step system, which is designed to prevent, treat and reverse signs of ageing.

TimeTreasure Renovating Water EX, 125ml, RM340

This contains even smaller emulsion particles than a lotion to ensure the quick delivery of moisture to the innermost layers of your skin for long-lasting hydration. Smooth over a cleansed face, starting slowly from the center outwards.

TimeTreasure Renovating Emulsion EX, 125ml, RM380

Infused with the liquid crystal emulsion technology, this enhances skin radiance, while strengthening the skin’s barrier functions. Use after the Renovating Water EX, also starting from the center of the face outwards. Gently pat until the emulsion is fully absorbed.

TimeTreasure Renovating Serum EX, 50ml, RM1,010

Next, comes this nutrient-rich serum that has a super-antioxidant complex to rejuvenate the skin. Rub the serum between the palms of your hands before spreading it evenly over the face from the center outwards for instantly firmer, smoother skin.

TimeTreasure Renovating Cream EX, 60ml, RM1,360

Infused with red pine and wild mushroom extracts, this cream – to be used after the serum – is formulated to restore firmness to the skin and rebuild its elasticity from within.

Tip: Warm cream between the palms of your hands before inhaling for three seconds, and exhaling. Repeat twice to three times for a quick therapeutic, sensorial treat.

TimeTreasure Eye Cream EX, 25ml, RM825

The star of the range, this eye cream addresses fine lies, wrinkles and pigmentation around the eyes, while works effectively to ‘lift’ the delicate eye area for an instantly more ‘awake’ look.

Tip: Use your fingertips to dab the product around the eyes (on your eyelids as well as under and the sides of your eyes). Gently massage the cream into the skin, using your ring and middle fingers – you can also use the spatula provided as an extra massaging tool for delicate points such as between the eyes (where the bridge of nose intersects the parallel line from the eyes).

The Sulwhasoo TimeTreasure EX range will be available September 2015 onwards at Sulwhasoo Parkson outlets at Pavilion KL, KLCC, One Utama and Gurney Plaza Penang.

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