Sulwhasoo’s limited edition sets will make any beauty lover’s dreams come true

Fit for royalty


By Wei Yeen Loh

Sulwhasoo’s limited edition sets will make any beauty lover’s dreams come true

The last month of 2017 has dawned upon us, and for beauty lovers out there, it only means one thing in our books: All hail the delightful, festive gift sets and limited edition designs that could potentially be collectibles for some of us.

This year, Korean beauty brand Sulwhasoo is jumping on that bandwagon by adopting a meaningful approach for their holiday sets. Seeking inspiration from the Asian tradition of releasing wish lanterns into the sky during dusk, the packaging design takes on mystical resplendence that would make the perfect holiday gifts. Expect bestsellers such as brightening serums and treatments from the Snowise collection alongside the Signature Duo Holiday Limited, featuring the brand’s must-haves including the First Care Activating Serum EX and the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX.

Apart from the limited edition holiday gift sets, this year also marks the 15th anniversary of Sulwhasoo’s ShineClassic Makeup range. To celebrate this milestone, the ShineClassic Powder Compact and ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact get a facelift by way of ‘Jinjunang‘, a pearl-studded sachet that Korean royal members carry during court ceremonies. The pouch (often made of silk) is embroidered with gold threads and usually take on a floral motif, with pearl adornments making up the pattern. The result? Compacts that come with a royally stunning, gold-toned engraving on the front that straddle the line between antiquity and contemporary craftsmanship. Below, make someone happy this season by adding ’em to your holiday wishlist, stat. 

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