Song Hye Kyo is Sulwhasoo’s new brand ambassador

A timeless beauty


By Wei Yeen Loh

Song Hye Kyo is Sulwhasoo’s new brand ambassador

After ending a decade-long contract with Laneige as its brand ambassador, South Korea’s leading actress Song Hye Kyo is moving up the rungs of K-beauty conglomerate Amorepacific, now representing Sulwhasoo as its new “brand muse”. The star is globally recognised for her leading roles in a string of hit K-dramas, including Autumn In My Heart, Full House and most recently Descendants of the Sun. Song’s new role will see her representing the holistic beauty brand’s philosophy, rooted in the harmony and balance between the modern and traditional. According to the official release from Sulwhasoo, the decision to appoint Song was due to her versatility as an actress “with incredible charm who can communicate Sulwhasoo’s heritage to customers around the world in an inspiring way.”

When queried about her thoughts on tradition — given that it is Sulwhasoo’s most important value, here is what the A-lister said: “I believe it is important to create harmony between the traditional and the modern, rather than insisting on the old things. I used to think that tradition was about formality or something unchangeable, which gave me a heavy feeling. But the way I view tradition has changed over time. Tradition becomes more meaningful, only when it is relatable to the here-and-now. I believe it is consistent with how Sulwhasoo interprets tradition. I am looking forward to it.”


Check out the full interview with Song Hye Kyo below:

Song Hye Kyo’s official debut is slated for April 2018, and you can expect to see the actress’ face in Sulwhasoo stores worldwide, both online and offline.

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