SK-II Masterpiece Pitera is the pampering you need for taut, supple and radiant skin

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By Gwen Ong

SK-II Masterpiece Pitera is the pampering you need for taut, supple and radiant skin

How do you measure the state of skin that is beautiful and healthy? According to SK-II, you need to look at three characteristics—tautness, suppleness and radiance. Get a mirror and see if you can spot an upward tautness that lifts up the corners of the mouth, a bouncy feel and smooth, supple texture around the cheeks as well as a radiant glow in the upper cheek. These are the three factors that contribute to the pinnacle of skin and the perception of beauty beyond crystal clear skin.

To help you achieve this pinnacle of skin, SK-II’s Masterpiece Pitera collection features the most condensed form of the brand’s signature ingredient Pitera as well as youth peach. The former is rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that help to improve the skin’s natural surface renewal process, while the latter have a unique complex of rich nutrients. Together, these two ingredients work in harmony to help skin to be taut, supple and radiant.



Only one out of every 300 peaches is handpicked for the Masterpiece Pitera collection

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How to use:

Start with the SK-II Masterpiece Pitera Essence to lay the foundation and get a boost of hydration. 

Next, apply the Masterpiece Pitera Serum recommended for your unique skin profile to address what it needs. The tautness serum has Pitera and youth peach with a mix of red berry and brown algae to help you achieve a firmer and youthful look. The suppleness serum has Pitera and youth peach with a blend of red and black berries to plump up the skin. While the radiance serum contains Pitera and youth peach with linseed extract and black berry to promote moisture for luminous skin.

Then, pamper the delicate area around the eyes with the Masterpiece Pitera Eye Cream, which has unique ingredients such as lychee extract, white lupin and alfafa, to brighten and boost firmness around the eyes. 

Finally, seal in the goodness with the Masterpiece Pitera Cream for long-lasting moisture. 


SK-II Masterpiece Pitera collection is exclusively available at Parkson Pavilion KL only. 


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