This new hair colour range is tailor made for Asian skin tones

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By Wei Yeen Loh

This new hair colour range is tailor made for Asian skin tones

Ever had that moment in the hair salon where your freshly-coloured tresses turn out totally different from what you had envisioned? To prevent another of those gut-wrenching moments from happening (along with saving money on re-colouring your hair in a desperate attempt to salvage it), Shiseido Professional’s hair colour range, Primience Enrich is one to explore for your next hair colour appointment.

Armed with a new technology in its formula, Primience Enrich’s newly-engineered colour range is focused on rejuvenating the hair while incorporating it with rich colour to complement your skin’s natural glow. Its patented ingredient has both hydrophilic colour pigments and hydrophobic conditioning actives to ensure each strand of hair is infused to the core. In layman terms, ingredients that will ensure your hair is taken care of include amino ceramide (for hair elasticity), camellia oil (to take care of your hair cuticles), and hydrolyzed pearl protein (for UV protection).

The best part? The entire colour range (all 10 hues and 45 colour shades) is tailored to suit Asian skin tones. All the deep colours are created based on a moderate, yellow-brown shade that best complements Asian women, thus leaving a contrasting finish that works best with your skin undertones. Now you don’t have to shy away from certain hair colours in fear that it would make your skin look more sallow. 

Available in salons November 2017.

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