Pro Fiber: The new treatment that will change your hair forever



By Terry Saw

Pro Fiber: The new treatment that will change your hair forever

I’ve developed a somewhat love-hate relationship with hair treatments over time. The thing many people may not realise about in-salon treatments is that they are necessary – there’s a reason why you should leave it to the experts to repair your hair and get it back to the glossy, luscious state that its capable of, and of course, leaving you feeling like a million dollars afterwards. But if like me, you’ll also understand that this feeling – at best – lasts the day or at least until your next hair wash.

That was until L’Oreal Professionnel recently revealed Pro Fiber; its newest breakthrough in hair treatments that took 15 years in the making and secured 15 patents, set to revolutionise the way we see or experience in-salon hair treatments once and for all. Here’s what you can expect from an in-salon experience:

1. Targeted results to address your hair concerns

Pro Fiber features three levels of hair solutions, each targeting specific areas including hair texture, shine, ends and colour.

Level 1: Rectify for dry, thinning and less than vibrant hair

Level 2: Restore for coarse and dull hair, and fading hair colour

Level 3: Reconstruct for extremely damaged hair with extreme fading

You will be led through a Hair Damage Evaluation by an expert at the start of your treatment to assess your hair condition as well as to diagnose the category of your hair and the corresponding products to suit.

2. Professional in-salon ‘activation’ experience

Because Pro Fiber is designed as an exclusive salon-to-home system, it must first be ‘activated’ at the salon through these steps following your hair diagnosis:


A thorough hair cleanse and treatment experience using dedicated shampoo and concentrate solutions to prep your hair. Bonus: relaxing head massages are always a plus!

Application of the auto-regenerate masque, which is the highlight of the treatment. The hair masque is infused with APTYL 100, a patented, high-tech molecullar complex, which deeply seals itself into your hair fiber for instant hair regeneration and reactivation, and to really give you long-lasting results. In short, expect softer and intensely nourished hair by the end of the treatment. 

To maintain the lusciousness and health of your renewed tresses, a homecare system will also be recommended to you, to be used along with Re-Boost – the home version of APTYL 100, where one tube is to be applied onto wet hair to reactivate the ‘salon treatment effect’.



3. Up to six weeks of the ‘salon effect’

Imagine never having to lose the joy of post-salon hair treatment results in a day or two again! Simply stick to an easy-to-follow home regimen of a dedicated Pro Fiber shampoo, conditioner and hair masque (replacing either the conditioner or masque step with the Re-Boost during every fourth hair wash) to keep your newfound healthy, vibrant tresses.


And yes, with proper care, that fresh-from-the-salon effect with Eva Green-worthy levels of lusciousness can last for up to six weeks. And don’t get us started on the potential time you could spend sleeping in because that’s just one of the perks of having a ‘good hair’ day, every day – you’re welcome. 


Pro Fiber treatments, RM130 onwards, are now available exclusively at all L’Oreal Professionnel salons nationwide.

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