Play up your allure with Decorté Makeup

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By Gwen Ong

Play up your allure with Decorté Makeup


It’s a happy day when you get to play with a new makeup range featuring pigmented colours and luxurious textures for the eyes, lip and face. Agree? Decorté Makeup is the latest collection that beauty fanatics should look out for – it is versatile and modern, perfect to create a unique look and lend you an added allure. This is a collection that will help your personality take centre stage.


Just like its skincare philosophy, Decorté Makeup is designed with an emphasis to enhance your natural glow. The makeup collection contains three types of newly developed virturias powder to give skin a brightening effect, definition and clarity. Virturias powder provides skin with a radiant gradation that follows the shape of your bone structure – so shine is well under control for a luminous complexion.  



What to get from the Decorté Makeup collection?

Let us break down some of the must-haves for your next beauty haul. Also, you’d be pleased to know that some of these products are paraben-free!



Dip In Glow Illuminator

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Total must-try! This works as a highlighter with a gel-like texture. Use with foundation for extra radiance on the bridge of your nose and high point of your cheekbones. Tip—you can also apply a small amount on your cupid’s bow for an alluring pout.



{insert gallery tpl=”slide-freesize.tpl” id=”[Стандартная] Decorte Blush” rid=”6249″ order=”a_tstamp”}

Give your cheeks a boost of lasting translucency and natural flush. This sweat- and sebum-resistant blusher comes in cream and powder form to deliver hydration as it touches your skin.




Eye Glow Gem

The highly pigmented eyeshadow will take you from day to night with its intense finish. Blend once with fingertips for a subtle shade or layer on for a bold look.


Pencil Eyebrow

For a sculpted finish, use this pencil to colour in and soften with the spiral brush for a natural look.



{insert gallery tpl=”slide-freesize.tpl” id=”[Стандартная] Decorte Mascaras” rid=”6250″ order=”a_tstamp”}

Create stunning lashes with the Long Lash Mascara or the Volume Up Mascara. The former has a smudge-proof formula and contains two types of brushes for a natural lengthening effect. While the latter has a volume agent that holds lashes in place so it appears thicker from root to tip.



{insert gallery tpl=”slide-freesize.tpl” id=”[Стандартная] Decorte Eyeliners” rid=”6248″ order=”a_tstamp”}

Choose from the Lasting Gel Eyeliner or the Styling Liquid Eyeliner to define the eyes and make a lasting impression.




The Rouge

From red to nude, these lipsticks contain moisturising ingredients to ensure lips stay beautiful and plump. The high vibrant hues come with a semi-matte effect or a soft moisturising glow.



Get ready to #styleupyourallure with Decorté Makeup. The collection is available at Decorté counters in Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens, Isetan The Japan Store, Parkson Pavilion and Parkson Gurney Penang. 

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