Get a personalised cream out of 40,257 formulas with this French skincare line



By Gwen Ong

Get a personalised cream out of 40,257 formulas with this French skincare line


Ioma was started seven years ago by Jean Michel Karam with the intention to offer scientifically measurable results for every skin. He had visited a dermatologist about a suspicious mole but realised that there is no way of truly measuring changes in the skin. With his scientific, engineering background kicking into play, his team began designing a diagnosis appliance for everyone and work on providing the best customised treatments. And that’s how Ioma (‘A moi’ backwards, which means ‘mine) was born.


How it works?

Ioma offers a unique experience where the seven aspects of the skin are measured—namely, moisturisation, lines, wrinkles and firmness, redness, blotches, bacterial activity or excess sebum and dark spots. These are the seven areas of concerns often highlighted by women.

Through the diagnosis, the consultant will show where you fall between the position of 1 and 15 for each of the seven areas measured. With 1 being the best and 15 the least. Trust us, when you are hooked up to the machine, all your deepest regrets will be magnified. But the good thing is you are able to observe the changes in your skin when you go back for a comparison diagnosis after four to six weeks.

Following the analysis, Ioma then “prescribes” you with what it calls, a Beauty Combination. It is a précised response to what your skin needs, customised only for you. This is presented in two forms: first being a formulation of a customised care product – the Ma Crème – with one specifically made for you out of 40,257 possible formulas, and second being a combination of care products from the Ioma’s seven expert ranges.

Ma Crème is Ioma’s most loved product. It is made out of a base of concentrated active ingredients and added with several serums following your customised formula. You can get this in both day and night cream.

Ioma has an extensive skincare products include the Hydra range for deep hydration, Energize for revitalising the skin, Renew for anti-ageing, Calm for red and sensitive skin, Purete for problematic skin, Matte for oily skin and Illumine for whitening. Ioma also has a bodycare collection called Cocoon.


You can go get your skin checked at Ioma in Robinsons, The Gardens. 

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