Pavilion Beauty Hall: Where all your beauty needs are met

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Pavilion Beauty Hall: Where all your beauty needs are met

If you’ve strolled on the sixth floor of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, you’d notice an escalator that leads up to hidden oasis on the seventh floor—overlooking the main entrance of the shopping mall. And in case you didn’t know what’s nestled within this space, just make a mental note to drop by this exact location the next time you want to bask in an indulgent beauty session.

This precinct, Pavilion Beauty Hall, has been opened for three years now—but did you know that it spans a vast 20,400 square feet with eight beauty spas and salons that you can explore for pretty much any beauty need? Below, we took on a facial, hair treatment and makeover, and mani-pedi session at three different spots in this beauty haven:

Alyssa Lee, Writer: Cold LED Blue Light Facial @ Clariancy

Small but powerful. Clariancy does not occupy a big lot at the Pavilion Beauty Hall. But from their limited space, these guys pack quite a punch by offering on-site aesthetic services as well as their well-known gadgets that lets you bring the technology home. My recent visit started with a skin consultation and a walk through of their signature products. From this, the aesthetician, Constance was quickly able to establish that my skin suffered from an underlying dryness despite the film of shine that developed over my face. Upon closer inspection, she recommended the Cold LED Blue Light Facial—a 2-in-1 treatment combining both blue LEDs and Cold Ultrasonic technologies to improve skin texture, rejuvenate, contract pores, lift and improve acne.

Seeing as no two people are exactly alike, Clariancy is more than happy to tailor their service to each individual. Constance pointed out that my skin was prone to redness when testing out an exfoliating suction device on the back of my forearm and advised against microdermabrasion. She then took the sensitivity into account and reworked the treatment to address that and swapped in certain procedures—giving me a boost of hydration in lieu of intense acne care. The overall treatment felt soothing and refreshing in a way I could liken to the pleasant, minty-fresh feeling that lingers after brushing one’s teeth with a medium strength toothpaste of their favourite flavour. I was given my aesthetician’s telephone number in case of skin emergencies that could crop up following the session but I really had no reason to call, except to thank her for dewy skin that looked like I got a week’s worth of sleep.


Loh Wei Yeen, Fashion & Beauty Writer: Hair treatment and cut @ Miko Galere

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If you want to experience a luxurious hair session in quiet space away from the bustle of the mall, Miko Galere should be on the top of your list. The salon is warmly-lit and boasts a sleek, botanical-inspired interior with green vines creeping up the bamboo-inspired wall panels and polished, marble flooring. But what caught my eye was the impressive range of Kerastase hair products and treatments that I couldn’t wait to explore. 

I was ushered into the cosy Treatment Room to start out a detailed hair and scalp analysis. My hairstylist found that I had a dryer scalp with somewhat oily hair, but healthy hair follicles (phew). No thanks to constant hair colouring and a digital perm, my dry ends were in need of intense nourishment. I was given two treatments: deep cleansing for my scalp, and a hydrating one for my ends. The great thing about Kerastase is how specific each treatment is—each is tailored for different hair needs. Both took a speedy 15 minutes to complete, and I appreciated how my stylist explained in detail what each step entailed, along with the complimentary neck massage with sunflower oil. 

Next up, a haircut by the founder himself, Miko Au. The hair maestro assessed my locks (well-hydrated now thanks to both treatments) and suggested to go short. I might’ve been swayed by his confident spiel—he did say that my unruly curls didn’t do justice to my face shape, plus my hair roots are lacking volume from the weight of my ends. So, a lob it is! I was quite certain that I would regret my rash decision, but after the chop, I was pretty satisfied with the outcome. Miko served up some serious skills that allowed my current length to be styled accordingly. Not to mention, this shorter ‘do has saved me an extra 20 minutes in the morning now—all I need is a quick blow dry and I’m set.


Tan Su Fen, Writer: Fruity Spa manicure and pedicure @ BMIC Nail Spa Salon 

Starting off my week with a manipedi session at BMIC Nail Spa Salon, I could hardly complain (Monday blues who?). Once I was at the salon, I was welcomed into the cosy nail parlour to try out their latest hand and foot treatment, the Fruity Spa manicure and pedicure. It started off with the basics; my nails were cut and shaped, cuticles were trimmed. Then came the pampering segment – if you’re one who love the juicy scent of apples, you’ll be in for a treat. The manicurists (there were two tending to me that day) gave my hands and feet an exfoliating and invigorating apple scrub, before slathering on an apple mask that smelled just as refreshing. My hands and feet were then wrapped in cling film and put into heated mitts and booties for 15 minutes.

After that, the mask was removed with a therapeutic lemongrass-scented towel, followed by a relaxing hands and feet massage – the whole works! The final step was nail lacquer application. Being ever “adventurous” with colours, I went for a deep grey hue, and I really liked how the manipedi turned out. BMIC Nail Spa Salon also offers waxing and hair removal services – the next time you’re in Pavilion KL for retail therapy, perhaps a mini pampering session should be in order.  

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Apart from the three above-mentioned salons, Pavilion Beauty Hall has five other sanctuaries that you can check out. For glowing skin to get you ready before the holiday season, drop by AsterSpring for an Intense Hydra-Light Therapy, a facial tailored to suit all skin types for accelerated skin renewal and a smoother complexion; or Swiss Perfection’s anti-ageing treatments to rewind time for your skin. Speaking of the holidays, score beauty goodies for your friends and family by stopping by Jurlique after your facial—beauty sets with plenty of options await you in store.

But if you’re looking for medical aesthetic treatments, Luminous Clinic is your best bet. “We’re well known for our BTL-Vme Vanquish treatment. There’s no downtime, the process is very relaxing. All the customer has to do is recline in our treatment room whilst the laser targets and burns fat. You can even do it over the lunch break—it only takes an hour and a half. This is our most popular service,” says manager Shelly Cheng. Mayfair is also one to bookmark on your list for its slimming and facial treatments. 

Pavilion Beauty Hall is located on Level 7, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

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