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The freshest “new year, who this?” looks at the Oscars 2019 red carpet


By Wei Yeen Loh

The freshest “new year, who this?” looks at the Oscars 2019 red carpet

As Hollywood’s biggest names gathered at the Dolby Theatre in LA to celebrate the best in the film industry, we glimpsed a closer look at all the stunning beauty moments on the red carpet earlier. One takeaway is evident—stars were killing it on the beauty front with new looks that almost rendered their former visages unrecognisable.

First up, a darker mane seems to be this red carpet season’s It-hair colour—Charlize Theron debuted a traffic-stopping deep brown shade that contrasted beautifully with her bright red glossy lip; Emma Stone went back to brunette with reddish undertones; while Brie Larson rocked an uncharacteristically cool ombré style with darker roots and blond waves. Alongside that, celebs dabbled with new lengths that were worth all the tongue-wagging: Danai Gurira looked stunning with her waist-length locs while Emilia Clarke had her newly-shorn, sleek tresses tucked behind her ears.

Elsewhere, stars including Lady Gaga, Maya Rudolph and Elsie Fisher were vibing hard with their overall looks, exuding a fresh aesthetic that we loved seeing on the red carpet. Below, which celebrity beauty moment from the Oscars 2019 is your favourite ?

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