Origins RitualiTea: The new and improved way to have your ‘me time’

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Origins RitualiTea: The new and improved way to have your ‘me time’

While everyone’s ‘me-time’ involves a range of therapeutic ways to kick back and relax, nothing is as invigorating as indulging in DIY treatments that also serve as a multi-sensorial beauty experience. Origins new RitualiTea collection beckons us to take control of our personal down time with crafting our own face and body masks to transform our skin in no time. 


This new lineup is inspired by tea rituals and the symbolic significance of slowing down and being present in the moment—evident with the key step of mixing RitualiTea Powder Face Masks with water to transform it into a rich, tea-infused cream before actually applying it on your face. For a full body experience, the multipurpose RitualiTea Cleansing Body Mask is an exfoliating treatment made from antioxidant-rich teas and sugars for baby-soft skin.

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Pamper your skin with four signature blends from Origins RitualiTea depending on your skin’s needs. Take on Matcha Madness if you’re looking for an alternative to renew, relax and restore skin texture (and if you also love the scent of green tea), or Oolong-La for its combination of oolong black tea and chai spices that have polyphenols to banish free radicals from our body. And if you can’t resist rose-scented anything, Feeling Rosy is made for you with extracts of rooibos tea and rose to help calm the skin while leaving it soft and smooth. Our favourite is the citrusy Mind Over Mate that’s concocted with Yerba Mate from South Africa—its chockfull of minerals and antioxidants clarify skin with a cooling sensation.


Origins RitualiTea Powder Face Masks (RM200) and RitualiTea Cleansing Body Masks (RM135) will be available at all Origins retail stores and in department stores from 15 October 2016.


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