#BacktoBasics: How to wear our favourite lip staple, the nude lipstick

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By Wei Yeen Loh

#BacktoBasics: How to wear our favourite lip staple, the nude lipstick

Ever wanted to rep nude lipstick but worry about it not flattering your skin tone or lip colour? While nude lipstick is the simplest shade in the colour wheel that’s great for both day and evening occasions, it also happens to be tricky to ace. If not done right, a nude lip can steer you towards sickly territory instead of lips-on-fleek as you should be heading towards. 

Below, here’s a quick 101 on how you can score a nude lip easily:

These are some useful tips to get that perfect nude lip look, according to pro makeup artist Shiyo Jo: 

1. Use concealer before applying anything on your lips to cover uneven lip tone.

2. You can use any nude colour to suit your lips, except for colours that are lighter than your skintone. Ideally, a nude lipstick needs to be one to two tones darker than your skin tone.

3. If you don’t like using concealer on your lips, draw lip liner instead over your lips. This helps to cover up uneven lip tone as well. 

4. Since the glossy lip look is coming back, you can reuse your matte liquid lipsticks by applying clear lip balm over it after application. Do not apply gloss over matte lipsticks because it dries the lips and it will melt outside your lips. 

5. For that extra shine, wear gloss in the middle of your lips, and use fingers to apply it instead of an applicator. This is to prevent it from making it look too gooey or oily. 

6. If your skin tone falls on the fairer range, go for light brown lipstick as a nude lip colour option. You can opt for a dark brown if your skin tone is tanner as well.



Videography: Chong Yi Suen

Makeup: Shiyo Jo

Styling: Loh Wei Yeen

Model: Alyssa Lee

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