Sarah Moon for Nars Holiday 2016 redefines ethereal beauty this season

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Sarah Moon for Nars Holiday 2016 redefines ethereal beauty this season

If ethereal beauty and retro-leaning makeup trends from the 1920s have always piqued your interest, Nars’ latest lineup for this holiday season is one cinematic-inspired collection you can’t miss out on. François Nars has teamed up with fashion photographer Sarah Moon on a limited edition collection that takes feminine beauty to a whole new level.


Expect a diaphanous, almost surrealistic aesthetic from this season’s story with a background that’s futuristic yet nostalgic at the same time. Those who have a soft spot for creative imagery and artistic palettes so beautiful that you daren’t touch, Sarah Moon for Nars will likely fulfill your expectations, and more. Watch out for opulent shades of matte lipsticks ready for you to take on festive season, smouldering eyeshadows in gunmetal greys decked in frosted cases, and an array of vampy red and burgundy nail polishes to complete your look.

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Below, the French fashion photographer shares her muse, inspiration and what to expect from career in the future:

Do you have a muse or muses?

Sarah Moon: “It was really the silent movies that inspired me when I was young –before painting, before photography, before everything really. It was the heroines of the silent movies whose names I don’t remember but I remember what I saw in them. Also in books – I loved Virginia Woolf, she was very evocative for me. Her characters are very Romanesque which intriguedand inspired me.”


Are there any photographers you consider role models or whom inspire you?

SM: “Guy Bourdin – I knew him and I worked with him. He used advertising like a trampoline to express himself. He changed fashion photography more than anybody at that time – his images were so narrative. For me, fashion is fiction. He was the one who really inspired me to do fashion.”


What do you think has changed most in photography since you started in 1970?

SM: “The tool and the approach has changed with digital, as it allows many people to photograph. But a good photo is a good photo, whether it is digital or Polaroid or Analog. The challenge was much bigger before, but finding one’s own voice is still very difficult. Especially now in an age where everybody talks.”


What do you still hope to achieve in your career?

SM: “I’d love to be able to do one more film, I love doing films.”


Who would you like to shoot next?

SM: “I love working with the same people, but if I see somebody that’s inspiring I am always interested. So I can’t put a name on it – I don’t know them yet!”


What is your personal beauty regimen?

SM: “I’m smoking a lot, which is very bad! I’m working a lot, which is very bad! I try to do Pilates, but I am not regular. Yet I care, I do care.”


With the upcoming festive season beckoning us to shop for gifts anytime now, Sarah Moon for Nars Holiday 2016 collection has eight makeup coffrets that will be perfect for the friend/family member who loves to bring a dash of enigmatic drama to her beauty look. Here’s what you can add in to your shopping list:

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Sarah Moon for Nars Holiday 2016 collection is now available at Nars Cosmetics Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall & Parkson Gurney Plaza.


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