#MicroTrend: Vampy Lips

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#MicroTrend: Vampy Lips

Much like red lips, women often think they can’t wear a richly pigmented lip, but as long as you know what you’re doing, dark lipstick can look remarkably chic. The far from colour-shy makeup artist, KF Bong is armed with the tips you’ll need to embrace your darker side of beauty. Here, his dos and don’ts to ace the look:

“Dark lips is powerful and adds impact to your look, but not without a little retro appeal,” says Bong. “What makes a dark lip modern is keeping everything else clean and natural. Should you skip dramatic lips for the office and reserve them for a night out? Not necessarily – you could tone it down a little for day by going for a deeper red instead. This look needs time and precision, so it’s definitely not something you’ll want to put on last minute in your car.”

DO prep your lips by exfoliating and moisturising before applying lipstick. Dark colours on dry, chapped lips tend to crack and flake off easily, all in all – not sexy.

DO line your lips with a lip pencil in a colour that’s closes to your lipstick first. This allows you to establish the boundaries of your lip and the pencil helps hold the colour in place. 

DON’T apply lipstick straight from the bullet. Instead, use a lip brush to give you better control. This also allows you to build the intensity.

DO clean up mistakes and perfect the edges of your lip line using a concealer for a polished finish. 

DON’T forget the eyes! Defined brows, a simple feline flick and lots of mascara pair well with dark lips.

DON’T forget to do a teeth check!

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