#MicroTrend: Double Lining For the Eyes

Double the drama


By Terry Saw

#MicroTrend: Double Lining For the Eyes

Do you know how much time Bobbi Brown spends backstage at New York Fashion Week? Let’s just say enough time to be inspired and work with her fellow makeup artists to come up with new micro trends, the latest being the Double Lining technique, which instantly gives you the eyes-out-of-nowhere effect. And here’s how you can achieve the look:

Begin by lining the top lash line using gel eyeliner. The trick is to do it one eye at a time because while the liner is still slightly wet, you’ll need to blend in a deep shade of powder eye shadow to set the look and give the eyes some serious definition. The good thing about this look is that it really makes the eyes pop regardless of the formula you’re using – gel or powder – due to the layering of lines. A trend that’s not too focused on perfection and yet, gives you the results you want in less than five minutes sounds right up our alley! 

Try: Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, RM93 

Try: Limited Edition Eye Shadow, RM93

The Double Lining Collection will be available at all Bobbi Brown counters and outlets in August 2015. You’ll also receive a complimentary Secret to Standout Eyes makeup lesson in conjunction with this launch, by appointment only.

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