10 Reasons why Margot Robbie is our celebrity beauty crush

10 Reasons why Margot Robbie is our celebrity beauty crush

Beauty chameleon

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Actress and producer Margot Robbie can do no wrong in our beauty books with her impressive red carpet track record

When it comes to beauty risks, you can always count on Hollywood A-lister and film producer Margot Robbie to serve a whole load of that, and then some. The award-winning actress is known for her red carpet-slaying beauty looks, and is never one to back down from taking a risk or two — whether it's pulling off popsicle-hued eyeshadow (yellow! orange!) or matching her eye makeup tones with her lip colour. 

A couple of lessons we learn from her red carpet beauty game: Don't be afraid to dive head first into beauty trends, as previously stated. Glitter over the eyes and retro bobs aside, Margot proves that 'less is more' is one beauty motto you can't go wrong with. Let one feature stand out with a myriad of colour and textures but keep the rest subtle. When in doubt, go with tousled, beachy waves to up any look or ensemble. As the star turns 28 today, we take a look back at all her awe-inspiring beauty looks to date:

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