Lip TLC: Our top lip care picks for a great smile

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Lip TLC: Our top lip care picks for a great smile

There’s nothing more disarming than a beaming smile, and might we state the obvious by saying that smiling is scientifically proven to boost your mood, health and even longevity? While many factors contribute to a glowing smile, one of the oft-overlooked ones is the condition of your lips.

Two perfect rows of pearly upper and lowers won’t work to your effect if you’ve got dry, chapped lips that look like you could use an entire tube of lip balm (stat). Apart from staying hydrated with plenty of H2O throughout the day, take good care of your lips by refraining from licking it when it gets parched — an easy way to combat this bad habit is to apply lip balm the moment your lips feel like it could use a dose of hydration. (And yes, this means your lip balm should pretty much be the second most-held item on your hand, after your phone).

Along those lines, maintaining your lips is as integral as your complexion. Add a lip scrub, treatment and/or mask to your weekly beauty routine and you’d be surprised to see the results the day after:

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