Here’s proof that Kristen Stewart is the ultimate beauty rebel and chameleon


By Wei Yeen Loh

Here’s proof that Kristen Stewart is the ultimate beauty rebel and chameleon

To say that Kristen Stewart is a beauty risk-taker is akin to stating that a model is photogenic—an obvious understatement that doesn’t require espousing. But the stunning actress has taken her love for head-turning beauty trends to a whole new level at the Chanel Métiers d’Art show in Seoul, Korea most recently.

The star, who is a frequent face of Chanel’s beauty campaigns (from the Eyes Collection in 2018 and 2017 to the Gabrielle fragrance), solidified her status as a sui generis beauty chameleon of all sorts with not one, but three, riveting beauty trends that are giving us a run for our money.

Let us start from the top: her peroxide hairdo is making our fingers twitch with the need to give her locks a thorough shampoo and colour touch-up, but it isn’t to say that she cannot rock the matted, disheveled strands of blonde, brown and pink (fading streaks from her Met Gala look).

The next beguiling trend she’s rocking is her pair of bleached eyebrows that lightly complemented her platnium ‘do while drawing all the attention to her peepers. Her eyes then stole the thunder with exaggerated neon green wings that highlighted her green irises—this season’s most popular eye makeup look that has been sported by celebrities left right and centre.

But our personal favourite of her look that evening is her tri-coloured digits in shades of black, yellow, and coral-pink—a peek at Stewart’s fun-loving personality beneath her polished, Parisian-rocker-chic veneer. Which beauty trend are you most inspired to take on?

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