#KLFWBeauty: 2 New statement eyes at tomorrow’s shows

Day two-drama


By Terry Saw

#KLFWBeauty: 2 New statement eyes at tomorrow’s shows

The designer/show: Khoon Hooi, 13th August @ 7.00pm

The look: Strong & sultry

Lead artist: Sandra Foo

What’s key to achieving statement brows seen here and how does this look complement and/or contrast the collection?

“Bold, thick brows do not equate going all-out bushy or completely dark. The intensity of the brows (for your personal look) should always reflect your own idea of beauty. If you’re happy taming a few stray hairs here or filling in a few sparse bits there, carry on. Well-groomed brows will instantly give your face a more symmetrical appearance. I felt this look ‘liberated’ the collection you’ll see tomorrow night.”

What was your key inspiration for this look?

“I was inspired by androgyny and the idea of a boyish beauty – the strong, masculine eyebrows framed the face in a more dramatic way.”

Your personal runway-to-real way tips to achieve this strong brow?

“For softer-looking brows, fill using powder. If you want something more dramatic, use a pencil instead. A clear brow wax (before colour application) will help create a sharper look. Always remember to keep things natural by only filling in the areas that require it – colour within the lines, so to speak.”

The designer/show: Alia Bastamam, 13th August @ 9.00pm

The look: Laidback Glam

Lead artist: Felix Nguyen

What were your creative aspirations for this look?

“I wanted to create a really glamorous look, which was also slightly unkempt without losing any softness. At the same time, it had to be really modern as well. So, this is my idea of a beach-inspired look that’s also a little more dramatic. I thought it referenced Alia’s similarly glamorous yet laidback style perfectly.”

If this look conveyed one message, it would be…

“Absolutely effortless, with a touch of glamour.”

Let’s talk about a day-to-night transition for this look:

For day – Go easy on the liner. Keep the application only to the upper eyelid to define the eyes.

For night – Line both the top and bottom lash lines and layer on Sparkle Eye Shadow for a little more drama.

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