#KLFWBeauty: 2 Amazing looks to steal before anyone else

Brushes at the ready…


By Terry Saw

#KLFWBeauty: 2 Amazing looks to steal before anyone else

Tick-tock: Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2015 takes off in less than 24 hours. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is buzzing with a mix of nerve-racking excitement and adrenaline from hundreds of models, makeup artists, designers and backstage crew making sure every detail is honed to nothing less than perfection for the opening day.

We make a beeline to speak with lead Bobbi Brown makeup artists from various shows to discuss statement makeup, standout looks and how to recreate some of the best offerings you’ll see tomorrow at KLFW Day One.

The designer/show: Kittie Yiyi, 12th August @ 3.00pm

The look: Fresh & playful 

Lead artist: Pei Yan

What is the biggest misconception about pastels?

“That you can’t pull it off, hence, not embracing them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a pop of colour – try with one colour and facial feature to ease into the trend.”

Your tips to recreating the lip stain seen here?

“You need a clean slate to work with so you’ll need to ‘wipe out’ your lips with foundation. After that, use your fingers to dab on lipstick, starting from the center of your lips – you don’t need a clean precise line here.” 

The best pastel shade to start with is…

“A pop of pink because it’s really easy to play mix and match with, and it’s a colour that not just easily accepted but works well with most skin tones as well.”

The designer/show: Cassey Gan, 12th August @ 3.00pm

The look: Gold and glory

Lead artist: Pei Yan

What inspired the use of gold, glitter and shimmer here?

“To complement the collection (which you’ll see tomorrow), I was inspired by contradictions, where I whipped up a selection of warmer tones and gold shimmer to create little ‘heat’ to the look, while also staying completely neutral at the same time.”

 Tell us a little about the moodboard for this look.

“I was out running one day and to my delight, I caught this most beautiful sunrise in the outdoors. I absolutely fell in love with the amber tones and the warmth it conveyed, and decided to inject that bit of inspiration into my makeup creation for this show – really focusing on a strong eye as the key feature.”

Three words that best describes this look?

“Energy, strength and glory.”

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