Yaya Zahir and Jmie Fu on the highs and lows of motherhood and finding confidence with Kate Spade Bloom

A mother’s touch


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Yaya Zahir and Jmie Fu on the highs and lows of motherhood and finding confidence with Kate Spade Bloom

This Mother’s Day 2024, we take Yaya Zahir and Jmie Fu on a picnic date with Kate Spade’s newest fragrance.

Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate the occasion, we’ve called on two local personalities to share their stories with Kate Spade’s new Bloom fragrance. The new fragrance is the latest addition to the Kate Spade New York family, boasting a fresh, musky-floral bouquet that comes housed in a gorgeous pastel pink and gold flacon.

We sat down with content creator Jmie Fu and Asly founder Yaya Zahir over a picnic set against a backdrop of gorgeous (and very on-theme) blooms as they shared their takes on mum life thus far.


Watch Yaya Zahir and Jmie Fu discover Kate Spade Bloom:



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Ahead, Yaya and Jmie delve into life as a mum and share some of the biggest lessons they’ve learned so far in our Mother’s Day exclusive:


What’s your favourite part about being a mum?

Yaya: “My favourite part is waking up to my son every morning. In those quiet moments, I feel a sense of unconditional love and deep connection. My soul is filled with love and gratitude for this little human being who has brightened up my life in ways I never imagined.”

Jmie: “It’s seeing my daughter grow and reach new milestones. Every achievement brings me a sense of happiness and gratitude.”


What has been the most surprising thing about motherhood for you?

Yaya: “Every day is a new lesson for my husband and me. We both learn new things together. Since this is our first child, we’ve encountered many unexpected challenges; random things, like how often do we change the diapers? Is this food okay? Is salt okay? And all the small things that we learn every day.”

Jmie: “Discovering the strength I never knew existed within myself after becoming a mum. It’s not just physical, but emotional too. Teaching and guiding a child is not easy. I often question whether I should focus on teaching her a lesson or providing her with comfort when she starts crying. Before becoming a mother, I was very independent—now I have someone who depends on me.”


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How has becoming a mother changed your perspective on life?

Jmie: “I have to get back up immediately after I fall because I have a baby to take care of. So, I have to be tough.”

Yaya: “Everything that I do now is really for my son. Being a mum has also taught me to be more patient and understanding. I respect all the mothers out there because being a mother is hard—but it’s a beautiful kind of hard. Sometimes it leaves me speechless. How are we able to do so much? I guess that’s why God chose us women to be mothers.” 


“It was an indescribable feeling when she first called me ‘Mama’. It made me realise that I am someone deeply loved, and someone she relies on completely.” — Jmie Fu on her happiest moment since becoming a mum


How do you balance being a parent and your role as an entrepreneur and fashion creator? 

Yaya: “It takes a lot of balancing because I love being a mum and I also love being a workaholic for my brand and everything I do in my career. Having a great support system plays an important role. If you have the perfect support system, like your husband or partner who understands your career and lets you get back to it after giving birth, that’s the most incredible thing to have. I thank God that my husband lets me do what I love because some mothers don’t get that opportunity. A few months postpartum I kind of lost myself, contemplating whether I would be able to bounce back into the industry. But then, slowly, as my child grows bigger, I kind of rediscovered myself again.”


How do you balance being a mother and your other roles?

Jmie: “Balancing both aspects can be challenging. When I prioritise my career, it means sacrificing some time with my daughter. However, I focus on quality time instead of quantity so we’re able to create meaningful memories together.”


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What advice would you give to someone about to become a parent or for the first time? 

Yaya: “It’s really important that you are mentally ready. I guess physically, we sort of can adapt to the change in our bodies, but mentally, if you are not ready, you should rethink in terms of baby planning. When you have a child and you’re mentally prepared, you reach a point where you say, ‘Okay, let’s do this.’ It can be challenging and can lead to a big meltdown or burnout if you don’t know how to control your mental state, as it plays a significant role in this journey. Therefore, I believe age and maturity are crucial factors. When you’re truly ready, it becomes easier, I suppose.”

Jmie: “Having a baby is another phase of personal growth—it’s like experiencing a second chapter in life. To prepare for this journey, you should focus on discovering new things instead of dwelling on your life in the past.”


Have you noticed any changes in yourself since becoming a mum? 

Yaya: “I get tired easily. I don’t sleep much but it’s okay. I love what I do. I love being a mum. It gives me pure joy. I have been in the fashion and entertainment industry for the past 10 to 15 years, but having my son is my best achievement.”


What are your hopes and dreams for your son’s future?

Yaya: “I just want him to be happy, do what he loves doing, travel the world, and love his family. Yeah, that’s what I hope and I’ll be there to support him.”

Jmie: “I want my daughter to live a joyful life, filled with her own dreams and passions. I hope for a deep and loving relationship between us—not just on a surface level. As she grows older, I want her to feel comfortable confiding in me, sharing everything from her crushes to her aspirations.”


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