Jo Malone takes us on a picnic in the meadows with its latest collection

Prancing in the fields


By Wei Yeen Loh

Jo Malone takes us on a picnic in the meadows with its latest collection

British fragrance house Jo Malone is not a novice when it comes to creating scents that will whisk you on a journey to the most delightful places. From the English countryside punctuated with hints of blue hyacinth to a walk in the park during the springtime with magnolias in tow, each fragrance collection comes with a story to tell — whilst putting ideas in your mind on where you can possibly go for the next vacation.

This time around, Jo Malone is bringing us on a picnic in the golden fields coupled with the most unpredictable hints of redolence — in the form of grains and cereal, that’s what. “As a perfumer, I love to be surprised — and English Fields is unexpected territory! To have cereals and grains as the main focus is a first for me. It’s somewhere in perfumery I have never been before,” says Jo Malone’s Master Perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui.

The limited edition English Fields collection is inspired by all the precious grains you can find in the English landscape. From earthy rye to wholesome oats, these scents capture the essence of the countryside, combined with sprightly florals such as poppy, primrose and crocus for a sophisticated touch. Below, here are the five scents you can explore from the lineup:

Poppy & Barley: Notes of red poppies, violets and fruity blackcurrants enveloped by barley and bran, softened with powdery white musk.

Primrose & Rye: Notes of primroses, golden corn and mimosa rounded with a base of rye and vanilla.

Oat & Cornflower: Notes of oats, blue cornflowders, a hint of hazelnut, and an elegant base of vetiver.

Honey & Crocus: Notes of fresh honey, crocuses and English lavender with a dash of sweetness from almond milk.

Green Wheat & Meadowsweet: Notes of young, green wheat, zesty grapefruit and soft white notes of meadowsweet.


Jo Malone English Fields Collection (RM280 for each 30ml cologne) is available now at all boutiques nationwide. 

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