Treat mum (and yourself) to a luxe afternoon at the Iridium Spa

Luxurious indulgence


By Su Fen Tan

Treat mum (and yourself) to a luxe afternoon at the Iridium Spa

Tucked away on the sixth floor of The St. Regis KL is the Iridium Spa, a serene sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and find calm while indulging in your choice of refined and bespoke unique spa services. As you would expect from one of the most prestigious hotels in town, the facilities, treatments, and environment here are of a luxurious standard.

The Iridium Spa takes pride in offering tailored experiences for every guest; whether it is a 90-minute massage you are looking for or a 7-day residential retreat for a pampering getaway, rest assured they will cater just the session to suit your needs. It is as much a health spa as it is a beauty spa—trust your spa professional here to address any universal health issues that might be of a concern to you, such as hypertension, weight management or skin concerns.


Another reason to love Iridium Spa is how they integrate heritage with technology, science and nature. While they feature the latest technological advances in their treatments, they also use natural skincare and spa products of radically effective formulations that are sustainable. Each formula is made of natural, ethically sourced ingredients. 


If you’re looking to give mum a real treat this month—or whenever, really—why not whisk her away for a relaxing afternoon at the spa? Let her indulge in one of Iridium Spa’s many bespoke spa services, such as the Endermolift Lift & Firm, a 90-minute rejuvenating non-invasive treatment (including special age-defying massage techniques) that aims to address signs of ageing, leaving skin visibly plumped and hydrated. Better still, join her for the pampering session—the spa has Private Couple Spa Suites made for two after all.  

The Iridium Spa is located at level 6, The St. Regis KL. For enquiries, email [email protected] or call +603-27273180. 


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