Hey, millennials – Shiseido’s new Waso skincare is designed for you

‘Waso’ special?


By Gwen Ong

Hey, millennials – Shiseido’s new Waso skincare is designed for you

Waso is a combination of two Japanese words; ‘wa’ which means gentleness or harmony while ‘so’ is about inspiration, idea and thought. With this in mind, Shiseido is introducing the Waso skincare that is targeted at millennials, taking into account your lifestyle and skin concerns like dryness, oiliness and visible pores.

Waso takes inspiration from the philosophy of ‘Washoku’—the tradition of Japanese food, which is about respecting the uniqueness and natural flavour of each ingredient. Thus, only the purest is chosen for Waso in a bid to nurture the skin’s natural power and bring out your beautiful, inner self.


Waso utilises a unique technology that prevents the breakdown of botanical cells in its formulations. Nutrients are delivered effectively to the skin to bring out your youthful complexion.

Among the key Japanese ingredients in the formulation include:

Ninjin (carrot) – used in the moisturiser, carrot has the power to nourish the skin and keep it feeling soft and plump

Biwa no ha (loquat leaf)  also used in the moisturiser, it helps to hydrate and mattify skin so pores are less visible and skin appears less shiny

Tofu  infused in the skin smoother, soy lecithin helps to refresh the skin for an immediate smoothness

Shiro-kikurage (white jelly mushroom)  featured in the lotion, it delivers hydration to plump skin from within

Hachimitsu (honey)  the cleanser utilises honey to remove impurities and refresh skin without stripping away essential moisture


With its assortment of skin-loving ingredients, Waso skincare uses a two-way approach to stabilise young skin while enhancing the skin’s barrier balance and reinforcing its resistance against external stress factors. Click below to see the full range of Waso skincare. 

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Shiseido’s Waso skincare range will be available from August 2017 onwards at selected counters. 


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