Here’s what the shape of your lips really say about you…

…and your love life


By Terry Saw

Here’s what the shape of your lips really say about you…

We had so much fun catching up with Jessie Lee, owner and founder of Soleil Trinity Resource, in our first round of ‘face’ shui that we decided to take our discussion beyond beauty spots and moles this time, to also discover the stories behind the shapes of our lips and oh, the secrets they hold… So, sit back and enjoy this special read filled with little nuggets of self-discovery from us to you – Happy Valentine’s! 


Lip shape: Thin, defined upper lip and a plump lower lip

Jessie says… “You are optimistic, creative and a natural when it comes to communicating with others, although you can sometimes be too quick to respond as a result of saying the first thing that comes to mind. This is especially true with those with slightly naturally parted lips.”

Your ideal partner… “You naturally gravitate towards men who are gentle, patient, kind and tolerant. These qualities are crucial to create a healthy balance in your relationship. Key facial features in your partner include: a big squarish mouth, bigger eyes and wide-set brows.”



Lip shape: Ultra-thin lips

Jessie says… “Those with thin upper and lower lips are generally not very in touch with their emotions. You are slightly more reserved when it comes to relationships due to trust issues, and do not usually come across as vulnerable or very emotional.”

Your ideal partner… “Tightly closed thin lips reflect a rebellious nature and a devil-may-care attitude, so you’ll need a mature partner who is understanding of your nature and emotional boundaries.”



Lip shape: Full lips

Jessie says… “Full lips indicate a person who is super-giving in relationships. Your relationship reigns supreme and when you find someone you truly love, you pull out all the stops. Being a good lover also means you have a tendency to want to take care of the people around you, however, you need to set personal limits when it comes to taking on additional emotional baggage.”

Your ideal partner… “While your partner will be extremely lucky to have you, take your time (as much as you can) to evaluate if he is the right match for you. A trustworthy partner will deserve all the attention and love you have to give, but you don’t want to be falling head over heels to a point where the relationship affects your career or progression if he’s not worth your time.”



Lip shape: Pouty lips


Jessie says… “Those with pouty, full bottom lips are physical lovers. By this, I mean you crave physical affection from your partner. You are also outgoing and enjoy a little drama in life. Basically the fuller and bigger the lips (for example for those with lips like Angelina Jolie), the more emotionally dramatic you can be, which isn’t always a bad thing, depending on how you manage the relationship and the partner you are with.”

Your ideal partner… “A mature, sensible partner who is able to balance you out, and also meet the (sometimes stressful) demands of the intense relationship. You crave attention from your partner, so you can rule out extremely busy or emotionally unavailable partners.”



Lip shape: Thin and small lips

Jessie says… “Unfortunately those with thin and small lips may struggle with trust issues and find it challenging to effectively express themselves through emotion. You are sensitive when it comes to personal feelings, and this usually impacts the health of your relationships.”

Your ideal partner… “As with every good relationship, it takes work. Take the pressure off dating by having fun, going with the flow, and being happy in the moment. Short-term relationships are usually what works best for you, so if you find someone who doesn’t seem to have the next 20 years ahead planned for the both of you – relax. Trust takes time to build – slowly and surely, you’ll get there.”



Lip shape: Luscious, thick lips

Jessie says… “If you have very thick upper and lower lips, this usually means you want and more often than not, need your partner’s full attention. You get extremely attached when you are in a relationship to a point where its importance may surpass your need to achieve personal dreams and goals. Those with dreamy eyes like Rosie’s also tend to lack focus, and could be easily influenced by the opinions of those around them.”

Your ideal partner… “This person should ideally be extremely caring, patient and sensitive to your feelings. An older partner with life experience beyond your years would be a dream pairing.”



Lip shape: Undefined lips


Jessie says… “Those who have bigger lips with an undefined shape tend to be responsible, honest partners who will not hesitate to step up and look after their family and loved ones, and they do an extremely good job of it too. That said, they are not very good when it comes to communication or expressing sweet nothings.”

Your ideal partner… “A family-oriented person who share the same goals and values in life that you do. This is an excellent pairing because once you find someone you truly love, you are extremely devoted to him and the family that you’ll eventually build.”

And on to the golden question: Do makeup and cosmetic procedures change anything about you (or your love life)?


Yes and no! Case in point, Kylie Jenner. Procedure mysteries and the Kadarshian makeup skills (and entourage) aside, Kylie has naturally thin lips, which still represent trust issues and reservations when it comes to relationships. And unfortunately, no amount of procedures or mad makeup skills can reverse or omit your natural traits and instincts. You may, however, experience a slight impact, which varies for everyone when you make surface changes or enhancements. For example, dramatic relationships become more dramatic if lips are made to appear thicker and intense relationships get more intense. So, think before you do, ladies!

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