Glamping essential: Urban Decay’s bestselling setting spray takes the heat—the good kind, that is


By Wei Yeen Loh

Glamping essential: Urban Decay’s bestselling setting spray takes the heat—the good kind, that is

No glamping experience is replete without humidity-proof makeup that will stay on no matter the shenanigans you are up to—whether lounging by the pool or having a picnic beneath a tree. And what better way than to test out any glamping-approved makeup stash than with an actual staycation in the woods with a slew of activities to see if your makeup holds all day (and night!) long? Last Tuesday, Urban Decay took it upon themselves to prove the efficacy of its bestselling All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray by doing just that—and more.

Thus, a plan involving elements of a “glamp-out” staycation and day-to-night activites sprung into action, featuring 18 digital influencers (from fashion-forward social media influencers such as Ashley Lau, Daphne Charice and Shalma Ainaa, to beauty enthusiasts such as Alicia Tan, Jazel Lim and Sarah Intan) who will partake in this one-night, beauty experience. After meeting up at the gathering point early on Tuesday morning, we were ferried to to our glamping spot of two days, Tiarasa Escapes in Janda Baik. This resort campground is every bit the idyllic glamping grounds you’d imagine—solid, canvas tents to camp out in style, a pool that was already decked with IG-worthy floaties and balloons, and more.

Before kicking off the first challenge, we quickly wolfed down lunch, followed by a full-face makeup session. Urban Decay’s new and bestselling palettes were out to play this afternoon, with the girls opting for summer smokey eyes courtesy of the Born To Run and Naked Heat eyeshadow palettes, and not forgetting the finishing touches by way of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to set the makeup. With an oil-free formula suitable for all skin types, this setting spray actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep it in place.

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It was now time to carry out the All Nighter Challenges! The first was treasure hunting: we were tasked to find placards printed with Urban Decay’s lipstick shades—all of which were scattered around the glamping grounds. Some of the girls were fortunate enough to score more than four(!) within a couple of minutes, rendering it easy breezy for the most part. The second challenge involved teamwork and a whole lot of adrenaline: after splitting into two groups, we had to carry out a list of 10 activities, from scouring a certain mascara from a specific tent, to snapping selfies with hard-to-find props. After all that running under the sun, we were surprised to find that our makeup stayed on perfectly. Signs of smudged eyes and streaky foundation? Not in sight, that’s for sure.

The third All Nighter Challenge was the most fun, for obvious reasons. Soaking in the pool (with a sizable flamingo floatie in tow) while taking a tonne of pictures didn’t read much as a challenge in our books, but hey, we had to find out if our makeup could stand the test. Half an hour later and we were beat—but our makeup’s still staying put. A quick change of outfits later and we headed for our picnic by a shady spot near the tents. It was a delectable sight to boot, from local delicacies to refreshing fruit juices. Thankfully, the weather was gracious—the skies were overcast but it provided the ideal shade for an outdoor picnic.

Despite the two-hour long downpour that started shortly after our picnic, we were up for the last challenge: a BBQ dinner and a bonfire thereafter, where we roasted marshmallows to create decadent s’mores. The bonfire was the perfect denouement to the glamping experience—spot our makeup still intact on our faces in the pictures below!

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