Get a whiff of the English countryside with Jo Malone’s Bloomsbury set

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By Gwen Ong

Get a whiff of the English countryside with Jo Malone’s Bloomsbury set

The Bloomsbury Set by Jo Malone encapsulates the feeling of carefree abandonment as life unfolds in the English countryside.

Master perfumer, Yann Vasnier had paid a visit to East Sussex, where many years before a group of artists had taken residence at Charleston House to live, love and work in art, music and poetry. It was a beautiful setting where lily ponds, blue hyacinth and blossoming fruit trees lined the property and the guests indulge in the intoxicating essence of absinthe afternoons, warm whisky and sweet pipe tobacco. 

“When we visited Charleston, in the middle of the English countryside, I didn’t know what to expect but I fell in love with it. When I was there, I made a storyline in my head from morning to afternoon to evening, so the five fragrances have a natural evolution,” he explained.

The five fragrances that he’s talking about are:

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Blue Hyacinth – featuring notes of intoxicating floral, warm geraniums and woody vetiver

Tobacco & Mandarin – featuring notes of vibrant mandarin and herbaceous sage with warm beeswax sweet pipe tobacco

Whisky & Cedarwood – featuring the enigmatic blend of fine whisky and opulent roses with spicy pimento and warm cedarwood

Leather & Artemisia – featuring a blend of anise-tinged absinthe with aromatic Artemisia, soft orriswood and rich leather

Garden Lilies – featuring the fresh scent of dawn with water lilies, dewy green sap and lush ylang ylang enhanced with white musk and vanilla


The Bloomsbury Set by Jo Malone retails at RM260 (30ml) each and is available from this month onwards.


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