3 Fragrances to gift your S.O. this Valentine’s Day

To douse with love


By Wei Yeen Loh

3 Fragrances to gift your S.O. this Valentine’s Day

Miss Dior Roller Pearl

Dior has made mid-day scent touch-ups easy breezy with the new Miss Dior Roller Pearl. The portable bottle sports an elegant design that would fit perfectly in your beauty bag. All details of the fragrance was crafted with precision, from its screw-on cap that is cut like a jewel to the iconic Miss Dior houndstooth check engraved on the glass. Roll it on your skin for a precise amount of application (without losing a drop) for the quickest way to feel good throughout the day. Miss Dior Roller Pearl is available in two iconic scents, the Blooming Bouquet and Absolutely Blooming.


Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme

If you love a fruity scent that doesn’t overwhelm, go for the new Gucci Guilty Pour Femme. Three main ingredients take centre stage here: blackberry, Bulgarian rose, and goldenwood. The first offers a juicy note to the fragrance, while the floral facets of the Bulgarian rose gives it a rich and spicy hint. Goldenwood that is extracted from the Nootka Cypress lends a woody and leathery aspect to the scent—we love how multi-dimensional this slightly masculine ingredient is. (Goldenwood is also one of the main notes of the Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme, the male counterpart to the Pour Femme.) Lastly, bergamo, patchouli and ambergris are added to the scent for a deep and musky finish. 


Escada Celebrate N.O.W.

For the confident girl with a free-spirited nature, Escada Celebrate N.O.W is an apt fragrance to celebrate her optimistic attitude toward life. The scent boasts a unique combination of natural accords, including a warm base of cinnamon and tonka bean, blooming magnolia at its heart — giving it a punchy floral hint, and top notes of spicy ginger to stimulate the senses. Unexpected yet feminine to boot, it’s one to have on any girl’s fragrance shelf.

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