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Find out why this Decorté skincare should be on your gifting list


By Gwen Ong

Find out why this Decorté skincare should be on your gifting list


For many of us, the idea of beautiful skin is one that is well hydrated, dewy and healthy. It is not a far stretch to say that this is the desire of many women. In order to achieve this state of perfection, one must first have the right foundation i.e. to practise proper skincare routine with the right products. A particular iconic product that the Japanese swears by for the last 26 years and counting is Decorté Moisture Liposome.


This pre-serum booster is best known for its transformative support on every type of skin. Its oil- and alcohol-free formulation is made with Decorté’s breakthrough liposome technology to help rebuild skin’s structure while maintaining balanced hydration. The multi-layered liposomes are made up of phospholipids that are similar in structure to skin cell membranes and intercellular lipids. Thus, when you apply Moisture Liposome on dry or irritated skin, it has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin to “fill” up the damaged area with moisturising agents and enhance its protective barrier.


This is due to a targeted action thanks to the liposomes’ miniscule size, which can go deeper into the irritated area to restore skin cells and improve poor texture. As this happens, you will notice a boosting effect where the Moisture Liposome helps prep the skin so that your other skincare products and its super ingredients can work more effectively for you. This means that when your skin is adequately hydrated and healthy on the inside, the better your skincare will work for you.


Now good things are better when shared, right? Why not give the gift of beautiful skin to your best friend or loved one with Decorté? For Christmas, the brand has two skincare kits that include the iconic Moisture Liposome to put the radiance back into her skin. Choose from the Decorté Liposome Perfect Renew Kit or the Liposome Treatment Liquid and Eye Cream Kit for an all round action on the face.

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