Buro 24/7 Exclusive: Jade Jagger talks makeup and M.A.C collection

She's got the moves!


By Gwen Ong

Buro 24/7 Exclusive: Jade Jagger talks makeup and M.A.C collection


Jade Jagger – yes that Jagger – is a jewellery designer, whose designs are often captivating and colourful. The daughter of Mick and Bianca Jagger has a fond appreciation of gemstones, an element that she has incorporated into her makeup collaboration with M.A.C. The eight-piece collection spells glamour, featuring products in jewel tones and deep gold for the lips, eyes and cheeks. These come under M.A.C’s Mineralize range, which combines a lightweight formula with a rich 77-mineral ferment complex.

Ahead of the launch in Malaysia, we speak to the former model about her fondest memory of makeup and what beauty items she’d never leave home without.


Coming from a creative background like designing jewellery and also a musically-inclined family, how was it like going into the beauty industry and to create makeup? What was the creative process like?

It was really exciting to create makeup for the first time! As a child, I was always designing different things so it was a natural next step for me to work with M∙A∙C. Through my childhood, I would always paint with different pigments. It was such an interesting process to really understand what turned me on to different colours and what would be my ideal look based on the time of year, my mood, or what was going on in life. It was really exciting to see the complete process from ideation to completion when creating my makeup collection.


What was the single most important thing for you when creating this line with M.A.C?

It is so rewarding that we were able to make such beautiful, high-end products that represents something so similar to my jewellery pieces. Every product, like every piece of my jewellery, has a different reason why we’ve created it and it adds to the complete story that we wanted to convey.

So, what did you learn from your collaboration with M.A.C?

I learned certainly that the process is a very thought out and well managed process—one that took much longer than I ever would have imagined! Jewellery, of course has a specific design process as well, but I never truly realised how lengthy and intricate it was for a global cosmetic brand like M∙A∙C.


Name us three of your favourite products from this collaboration and tell us why.

My favorite three are the ‘M∙A∙C x Jade Jagger Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Rolling Red’, ‘M∙A∙C x Jade Jagger Mineralize Blush in Perfect Bronze’ and ‘M∙A∙C x Jade Jagger Mineralize Golden Shine Eye Shadow x 4’. The latter is undeniably my go-to for the perfect evening. I always feel super glamourous using the darker bronze on my eyes with the ‘Rolling Red Lipstick’. It turns heads.

What was your fondest memory of makeup? How did it all begin for you?

My first memory was seeing my mother getting ready for an evening out when we lived in London. I’d sit in her bathroom and play with all the makeup boxes. I’d look at the perfume bottles and pretend to put all the products on my dolls. I was first drawn to rouge colours—my mother would apply to her lips and her cheeks using the same product which I was fascinated by. I was also very excited by brushes for some reason.

Once she finished doing her makeup, my mother would get in the bath to make herself look dewy. Now we have products that do that for us, but she was ahead of the times I guess!


If we were to peek into your beauty bag, what will we find?

I always keep a lipstick in my bag since it’s the easiest product to brighten up the face and immediately make you look more put together. I also won’t leave home without a M∙A∙C Pro Palette Concealer which I reapply with my fingers to instantly even my skintone. This is the best product because the palette offers various shades which works for me because I feel like my face is always changing colours based on my sun intake and the season. 


Can you share with us some of your beauty/skincare regime?

I love to use natural skin products. My beauty regime is relatively simple especially since I have a three-year-old son at the moment. At night I’ll do some light cleansing with products from La Prairie, Weleda, and Sisley. 

In the winter, I use a thicker rose balm to moisturise since my skin can get very chaffed when I’m running around. I love to use skin oils like serums from Decléor and I lather all over my body. I definitely moisturise once a day but over the years I’ve found that less is really more when it comes to my personal skincare routine.  


Finally, what personal characteristics attribute to your success be it in your personal or professional life?

My personal characteristics would be my love of the beach and trying to live a dream all the while creating a dream for other people to live.

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The M.A.C x Jade Jagger collection is available from December 2017 onwards at M.A.C stores in KLCC, Pavilion KL, Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid, 1 Utama and IOI City Mall Putrajaya. 


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