Estée Lauder and Andre Courrèges Go Back to the Future

Poptimus Prime


By Renyi Lim

Estée Lauder and Andre Courrèges Go Back to the Future

French fashion designer Andre Courrèges has always been one for getting playful. A firm believer in pop luxury, he’s famous for his futuristic space age designs – and now, in collaboration with beauty industry innovator Estée Lauder, he’s come up with an 11-piece limited edition makeup range designed to surprise, delight, and defy expectations.

With a pop-y colour palette that encourages you to have fun with its zero gravity shades, sensorial textures and special effects, the collection aims to create looks that are wholly of today, without a hint of nostalgia. The most daring of girls will adore the vinyl-finish Ultra White Eyeliner, RM 110 – the signature colour of the House of Courrèges – as well as the flutter-friendly Super Lashes, RM 120, which drag Sixties-era spider lashes right into the 21st century for high-impact definition. 

For more balls-out fun, try the Iridescent Ball Highlighter, RM 110 and the Lip + Cheek Ball, RM 110 – two ultra-modern spheres filled with gelées that impart a gentle touch of concentrated light or berry-hued colour to lips and cheekbones. Not quite in the mood yet? Just watch Kendall Jenner playing around with the Courrèges Estée Lauder collection – she’s in #Poptimistic mode, and it’s time you were too. 

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