3 Reasons why Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion should be your new makeup essential

One pat away to flawless skin


By Wei Yeen Loh

3 Reasons why Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion should be your new makeup essential

There’s a reason why cushion foundations have a special place in our hearts—founded in Korea, these compacts come incredibly handy with formulations that combine makeup and skincare properties efficiently. For those who can’t live without their trusty cushions, Dior Beauty’s new Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion foundation is tailor made for you. Here are three reasons why this latest technological feat should be in your beauty wishlist, stat:


1. Its formula is exceptionally weightless.

The first trait we look for in cushion foundations is how lightweight the texture is. Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion’s ultra-fluid formula has a weightless sensation that doesn’t feel like anything when you apply it on your face. The best part is that its fine texture leaves a smooth finish for your makeup to stay throughout the day.

2. Its matte finish is perfect for those who can’t pull off the dewy look

Already sporting a mid-day shine as you’re reading this? This cushion foundation is up your alley then, with incredibly fine mattifying powders for a luminous matte finish. Throw in the “Colour-Lock” technology and you can rest assured that the finish will not budge or change from day to night.

“A whole spectrum of matte finishes exists, just like colour spectrums,” says Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup. “Today, matte is totally refined – it is controlled, mastered and measured. It can be extreme, velvety or luminous – any effect is possible.”


3. Its got pore-refining benefits.

Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion is infused with a Skincare Essence that has pore-refining properties—these “rebalancing” skincare ingredients help to enhance your complexion by acting on dilated and slackened pores. So even if you’ve got excessive sebum or dry, flaky skin, this foundation will leave your skin with an impeccably refined texture. 


Available in six shades, Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion (RM210) is now available at all Dior Beauty counters and stores nationwide.


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