Dior gives us polka-dotted delights for summer

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Dior gives us polka-dotted delights for summer

Dior’s iconic polka dot pattern sees a comeback this summer, lending inspiration to Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup for the brand’s new makeup collection. There’s nowhere else that you’d find a combination of sand tones and milky shades in one pigmented palette, so take in Dior’s summery confection here:

This season, you can find the maison’s bestselling 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette in two vivid limited-edition shades that’s perfect to wear to your next vacay. If you’re all about pops of blue around your eyes, the Bain de Mer has azure shades with pink ochre and coral to set it off. But if you’re looking for a natural golden glow, take on Escapade’s melon, bronze, pink and beige hues and say hello to summer.


Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder‘s ultra light texture is made for the summer heat, giving an iridescent healthy glow to your skintone in two new shades this season: Fresh Coral and Fresh Rose. But for a shimmery finish and sunkissed glow, Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow‘s shimmery pearl blends and copper pigments is tailored for your face, décolleté and shoulders, allowing for a sensual feel and look of the skin.  


Put together an eyeshadow and lip gloss and you’d get Dior Addict Fluid Shadow, a hybrid eye gloss that gives a mirror-like shine. This season’s honey-coloured shades are made for a drama with luxurious gold and pink bronze—brightening your eyes will take no less than a minute with these!


The iconic lipstick Dior Addict comes in seductive colours this summer that can suit every skintone. Available in bold fuchsia, universal beige, dashing pink and sunny peach, these lipsticks include the “CD” monogram and a translucent gel for a high-shine top-coat effect. One slick of this is all you need to turn heads as you hit the town on a night out.


For those who prefer a glossy finish coupled with a wet texture on the lips, Dior Addict Milky Tint is guaranteed to leave your lips feeling fresh and moisturised with a tinge of pastel (think milkshake-dipped lips). Dior’s first tinted lip milk comes in six pastel colours ranging from mauve sorbet to frosted pink. 


Lastly, don’t forget to beautify your nails this season with Dior Vernis‘ bold colour combos, be it azure blue and nude beige or azalea pink and lavender. Dior’s Dotting Tool allows you to have fun in your DIY manipedi session with creating polka dots of any size to jazz up your nail game. We’re always up for snazzy hues and chic nail art in any form, so this is definitely a keeper in our beauty kit.

Dior Summer 2016 makeup collection is now available at all Dior Beauty counters nationwide.


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