Dior Capture Youth Skincare


By Wei Yeen Loh

Dior Capture Youth Skincare



Thanks to PAOT TECHNOLOGIES, it is now possible to evaluate the skin’s available resources to fight aging and to identify the skin’s future predisposition to aging.

Dior Science has applied this major field of research to cosmetics. “Anticip’aging*” has been born. A revolutionary management of skin aging. It is no longer about correcting, but rather anticipating in advance and in a personalized way.

The discovery of the existence of glyoxalase, its mechanisms, and its expression in skin.

By acting directly upon this natural process, using the right dose, cosmetic skincare can boost the skin’s power to look younger for longer.

Dior Science and UPMC target the molecule at the origin of oxidation reactions in the skin: glyoxal. Glyoxalase becomes less effective over time. When the skin is no longer protected by glyoxalase, it is overwhelmed by successive oxidations and undergoes a type of “oxidative burnout”. A vicious cycle emerges, resulting in irreversible, visible damage deep within and on the surface of the skin. As glyoxalase is fundamental in maintaining the skin’s youth and guaranteeing its perfect protection against oxidation, it is essential that it remains active to anticipate the effects of time.

Precision Medicine is an approach for treating and preventing disease that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and the lifestyles of each person.

This approach allows doctors and researchers to predict more accurately which treatment and prevention strategies for a particular disease will work in which groups of people. It differs from the “one-size-fits-all” approach, in which disease treatment and prevention strategies are developed for the average person, with less consideration for the differences between individuals.

In 2018, Dior researchers integrate this flower into Capture Youth Creme and Serums.

Three years of cultivation are needed to create the rare and precious Iris active ingredient. After being harvested by hand, the active molecules are extracted from the plant through a hydro-distillation process: this uses water vapor to break up the plant cells containing the active molecules. These are then gathered by the vapor and concentrated in the collected distillate.

Dior Science unveils another power: its effective action on glyoxalase. By boosting glyoxalase activity, Iris helps restore the skin’s ability to combat oxidation. The skin’s antioxidant power is strengthened and signs of aging are delayed even before they appear. Capture Youth is the first creme* whose action is proven by PAOT TECHNOLOGIES. By boosting the skin’s antioxidant power average, Capture Youth maximizes its youth capital and stops signs of aging, before they appear. Two hours after application of Capture Youth Creme, the skin’s antioxidant power average is doubled. For the first time,* it is possible to act effectively on the first signs of aging, for skin that looks young for longer.




Dior Science creates the first mix & match active regimen* that acts now to delay future signs of aging.

A regimen combining an ultra-prevention creme with five complementary serums. A 100% customized beauty program for skin that is more resilient every day.

The Glow Booster illuminating serum combines Murunga Plum extract – one hundred times more concentrated in vitamin C than oranges – with AHAs. It boosts the skin’s radiance with its gentle exfoliating effect, freeing the skin from dead cells that trap the light.

The Plump Filler plumping serum features three different weights of natural-origin hyaluronic acid molecules to rehydrate and plump up facial contours for supple and bouncy skin.

The Matte Maximizer mattifying serum combines lactic acid from sugarcane, pink clay and zinc gluconate. Pores are visibly tightened and sebum production is controlled.

The Lift Sculptor lifting serum combines a blend of natural polyphenols from green, white and black tea with a rapidly penetrating texture. Fine lines fade away and skin appears as if lifted.

The Redness Soother serum contains polypeptides from organic cotton. It provides instant soothing action and diminishes skin redness day after day.

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