Detox o’clock: 3 ways to hit (beauty) refresh

New year, new skin


By Terry Saw

Detox o’clock: 3 ways to hit (beauty) refresh

First things first, tell-tale signs that say it’s really time for a skin detox:

  • – You’re suddenly more prone to breakouts on the face.
  • – Puffiness, dark eye circles and a dull skin tone – the works, really.
  • – Makeup no longer glides smoothly onto the skin, let alone stays put!


Struggling with any one (or more – eep!) symptoms from the above? Simply block less than an hour (yes, that’s all you’ll need) from your schedule in the name of good skin – trust us, it’ll be one of the best things you do for yourself this year.

1. Practice deep cleansing

The experts say: “Careful and consistent facial cleansing is the first step to removing toxins and impurities accumulated in your skin.”

How to: After removing all traces of makeup, thoroughly cleanse the face using a natural cleansing agent that is free from chemical fragrances and preservatives. Spend a minute or so to really concentrate on the sides of the nose and chin, where congestion usually occurs. Cleanse twice a day. 

Time required: Only a few short minutes daily!

Try: belif Creamy Cleansing Foam, RM99 for 160ml


2. Draw yourself a relaxing detox bath

The experts say: A detox bath does more than cleanse your body; it also helps eliminate harmful toxins from the skin through the sweating process.”

How to: Fill the bath tub with hot water, infused with an aromatherapy bath gel. Then, add in one to three cups of Epsom salt – your body will directly absorb the magnesium, which aids to improve blood circulation and increase the disposal of toxins from your body.

Time required: 20 to 40 minutes every once or twice a week for best results.


3. Get into the lympathic massage routine

The experts say: “The lymphatic system is your body’s filtration system that absorbs fluid and waste, delivers nutrition and oxygen, and promotes the production of immune cells.

“As it does not function with a pump (unlike the heart), the lymph moves very slowly in the body. This movement also causes the lympathic system to get overwhelmed by an overload of toxins and waste over time, causing the fluid to be thick and sluggish. The lymph flow can be stimulated through lymphatic drainage massages, which stimulates lymph nodes where the lymph is filtered.”

How to: Large clusters of lymph nodes are found in armpit, behind the ears and behind the knees. Using gentle pressure, start by massaging the ears, neck and finally on the legs.

Time required: Two to three minutes daily on each part of the body.

Try: belif Delightful Leg Massage Cooling Gel, RM105 for 100ml. The soft and light texture of this leg massage cream (infused with peppermint and menthol ingredients) helps to both eliminate toxins and rejuvenate exhausted skin.

Detox results you can expect over time: All three solutions work towards getting your skin back to a normalised turn-over cycle, which means your body will eventually get the hang of things and work independently to remove excess of dead skin cells. Skin will look visibly refreshed, invigorated and well hydrated while the complexion becomes brighter and clearer – a glowing way to start the year if you ask us!  

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