This new local organic beauty brand’s products are (seriously) good enough to eat

Rose-infused wonders


By Wei Yeen Loh

This new local organic beauty brand’s products are (seriously) good enough to eat

The organic, all-natural beauty trendwagon is buzzing as of late, and we aren’t surprised with the traction it has gained in Malaysia. After all, we all have to be aware of what goes on our face on a daily basis—and if these products really do good for our skin or otherwise. Enter Daisy Sky, a local, organic, all-natural aromatherapy skincare range that was founded in 2008 by a team made up of a mother, dietitian, aromatherapist, and chemist. If you’re hesitant about going green with your skincare routine, this brand will make your journey easy breezy with its rose-infused lineup.

“After giving birth, my skin was dry and desperately needed some tender care but most of the affordable products in the market contained paraben, preservatives, alcohol and perfumes which are harsh and, despite its short term benefits, may be harmful to the skin in the long run. We wanted a kinder, organic skincare range so we decided to embark on Daisy Sky Malaysia.” – Kong Wan Lin, CEO of Daisy Sky

Daisy Sky’s main active ingredient is Bulgarian Rose, chanced upon by the team as they were traveling through Europe. This plant’s health benefits include anti-inflammatory, emollient, and astringent properties that help to moisturise and treat blemished skin. A standout from their range is the Rose Alba Hydrosol that is made from pure white rose extracts from Bulgaria and is USDA-certified with zero fragrance, colouring, alcohol, preservatives, or animal products. What’s unique about this hydrosol is its multipurpose benefits—you can use it as a mask, toner, hair and face mist, bath drops, and even as a drink! Its calming properties make it a handy treatment for mouth ulcers or blisters.


In case you were wondering, all of Daisy Sky’s products are good enough to eat (literally), as it is USDA-approved for oral consumption. It is also safe enough to be used on babies aged three months old and above, and pregnant women who seek a gentle, organic, and paraben-free beauty brand to use. More information on


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