3 Reasons to add Cosme Decorté AQMW Rouge Glow into your beauty kit

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By Wei Yeen Loh

3 Reasons to add Cosme Decorté AQMW Rouge Glow into your beauty kit

For those of you who always have got your lip game down on pat, you’ll understand the feeling of stumbling upon a lipstick that doesn’t bleed at all post-application—likely a cross between elation and making mental notes on how much you’re gonna stock up on it just in case. But more often than not, you’ll probably find a lipstick that either dries out your lips uncomfortably, or its colour simply doesn’t last (no matter how hard you try to sip your drink very demurely). 


This is where Cosme Decorté‘s line of lippies, the AQMW Rouge Glow, comes in to save the day. Here are three reasons why you should add this into your beauty box this month:

1) The lipstick is made up of three ingredients in right proportions: A smooth oil solution in liquid form to allow it to glide on smoothly; a high-viscosity oil solution often used in lip gloss for a snug feeling on your lips; and lastly, a hydrating oil solution in paste form for the lipstick to leave a moist feeling and high-shine luster.


2) These three ingredients combine to ensure that its texture is prime quality and doesn’t leave a dry sensation on your lips. The lipstick melts upon and adheres to the lips adequately with a moisturising effect. Better yet, its formula actually reduces the appearance of vertical lines on the lips. Say goodbye to dilemmas of the past such as parched lips and awful colour bleeding!


3) The AQMW Rouge Glow comes in five new shades this season that leaves a subtle yet vibrant luster. Flawless colour in one swipe is easy peasy now, and we’re digging its light floral fragrance that isn’t too overwhelming. Essentially, this product combines the moisturising porperties of a lip balm with the colour-rich pigments of a lipstick. What else can we ask for?

Cosme Decorté AQMW Rouge Glow (RM125) is now available in all Cosme Decorté counters nationwide.


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