7 Minutes with Charis Ow on her camera-ready beauty routine

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By Wei Yeen Loh

7 Minutes with Charis Ow on her camera-ready beauty routine

Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Charis Ow has taken on a new gig this year that involves way more screen time than she is used to. Joining Disney Channel as the Head Mouseketeer of Malaysia’s Club Mickey Mouse, the beauty influencer’s stint requires her to be a positive role model and ‘mentor’ of her younger cast members. With the number of hours she has racked up filming in the studio, we thought it fitting to gather photo-ready tips and essentials from the YouTuber herself. Below, find out what beauty product she’s loving at the moment and a handful of tricks she has learned in her new role:

What does your camera-ready skincare routine consist of?

I always change up my skincare routine depending on my skin condition. Lately, I have been experimenting with Arcona’s White Tea cleanser, toner from Fresh with my favorite Green Tea Seed Serum from Innisfree, eye serum from the Jeju Lava Seawater range, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence as well as the RNA Power Radical Moisturiser. I would use these daily to help keep my skin fresh and camera-ready before any filming for Club Mickey Mouse.


What are your go-to makeup products to look good on screen?

My holy grail products to look good on screen consist of a long-lasting matte foundation for flawless-looking skin, waterproof mascara (because I would always sweat whenever we break out into our dance sequences) and lip tints for longer lasting lip colour.




What do you use to keep your skin hydrated on-the-go?

I always make sure to bring facial masks with me whether for filming or when I travel, just to impart some much-needed hydration to my skin whenever necessary.


How has your beauty routine changed since you’ve joined Disney?

My skincare routine has not changed much, but as I had to constantly perform under lights and strong air conditioning, I make sure to apply extra moisturiser and always drink lots of water.


Can you share with us the best camera-ready skincare tips you’ve learned?

I personally love the Korean dewy look, but since becoming the Head Mouseketeer of Club Mickey Mouse, my makeup artist taught me that matte make up translates better on camera, because the lighting tends to be bright and the colours will prevent my face from looking overly greasy. I also had to tone down on my highlighting game—no extra shine necessary for the camera.


What is one beauty product you absolutely love and swear by?

I have two—Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum and SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence.


What are the must-haves in your beauty bag?

If I need a quick touch up before my next performance for Club Mickey Mouse, a BB Cushion and a lip colour are my go-to items that I always bring with me wherever I go.


What is a useful beauty advice you’d like to give to your younger audience?

Less is always more.


What are some beauty treatments you like to indulge in once in a while to keep your skin glowing?

I love going for facials and laser treatments to maintain the glow on my skin, and also to eliminate any skin congestion that can be caused by pollution and wearing makeup for long periods of time. It’s a great way for me to rejuvenate my skin and prevent it from looking fatigued.


What is one skincare saviour that you use if you haven’t got enough sleep before a day of filming?

My secret recipe to cover my dark circles is to use a colour corrector and concealer. Both help me to be camera ready before every Club Mickey Mouse performance.


Check out Charis as the Head Mouseketeer on the Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615) every Friday at 1:30pm.

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